Never Try to Be Perfect/ Create good habits instead



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I read an article a long time ago, whilst waiting to be seen by my dentist which has stayed in my mind. It was about how this woman who wrote the article was striving to be perfect, have the perfect body, eat the perfect diet, etc yet she felt completely miserable, and didn’t get any real benefit from it what so ever.

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Yes she was losing weight but instead of feeling like “Yeah I feel great” she felt tired, hungry and had little motivation.

The one of things that stood out of me in this article was when she wrote that, everyone’s perception of the word “perfect” is different, and that’s the same for me as far as I am concerned when it comes to the word success.

I was so insecure at an early age that the way I looked and felt really bought me down, and I would avoid mirrors, hate trying on clothes in a fitting room, because lets face it, they aren’t the most flattering of mirrors in some changing rooms, and at school there was a girl called Sherie who seemed to be beautiful, hair, face, height and nice and slim. She was very popular and everyone wanted to be friends with her.

I would dream constantly about being this girl and what it would be like for a day, and what it would be like to be that pretty and that popular. However looking back she wasn’t super confident really, when she first began at school as she started a little after I began school, yet we were in the same class, she cried for a whole day because she missed her mum,

She was the sort of person that constantly had to have people around her, yet looking back I liked the fact I got a bit of space. I did eventually make friends and she became my friend, and I would go to Sherie’s flat for tea after school, but I didn’t need constant attention by loads of people.

At the time I thought she was the most perfect girl in the world, but in fact she wasn’t. I remember coming home from secondary school seeing her coming home on the bus and causing a bit of trouble with the bus driver with some other kids.

She by any means was perfect. NO ONE IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT!

Life isn’t about being perfect but thriving in life, creating good habits that will fulfill your wellbeing and aiming to be successful in what ever field or path you choose.

Check out these 30 Powerful Habits which will make your life more productive and will help you build a better life for yourself, which in turns helps build your wellbeing and creating more successes in your life.

What you need to understand is the word perfect is like the word diet, there is so many different types that make you believe that if you follow this diet, you can look like this or look like that celebrity, but it isn’t real. No one in the world is the same, but if there is someone who you admire than learn from them to help implement changes to what they do to feel better about themselves that you could use, but never copy because what works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for someone else.

Be your own person and get to love your imperfections. Seeing peoples imperfections is to me more endearing because they are just being who they are, and not bothered about the word perfect.

So aim high, created positive changes but never try to be perfect because as far as I am concerned there is no such thing.

Thank you to those who have given me such wonderful feedback on my blogs so far, on this site and for those who have been reading and enjoying them. Let me know what the word perfect means to you, and how you try not to be perfect. You can leave a comment below.

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Create empowerment into your life



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When we feel low we can often feel like we can accomplish nothing, and “what is the point?” Then a song comes on the radio, and often it is one going on my own experience, one that I haven’t heard for a while but love, and it’s like it speaks to you, and suddenly you feel like “You can take on the world today”. That’s empowerment.

It can happen anywhere and can be anything. When we see people running and we haven’t done any exercise for a bit or we read a story in the newspaper of someone who had lost everything and had to start again, then rebuilt their life and now living the life they had always wanted, making us feel “Well if they did it so can I”. That’s empowerment.

Creating more empowerment into your life can get you out of feeling like there is no point to life and can make you take action to have more.

Here are 6 tips of how to Create empowerment into your life:

  • Build the love: Last week I shared wrote a blog called, We should love more/A lesson for us all #truelove because part of building success in your life to have the life you want, is to build relationships with those around you. I have learned a lot from my husband and he did sweep me off my feet and it made me see that I can create a life for myself. I hadn’t found what I wanted in London so I moved away and found it unplanned as I moved for career ambitions too and there he was
  • Confidence Boosters: Can be anything or anyone. When talking to a girl I had been working with, turned around and said to me “You have a lot going for you” It made me realise I did. Not being big-headed, but sometimes we often don’t see what we already got that can give us confidence. I was doing well in the job I was doing, achieving goals and getting good feedback from my Managers so I did have the confidence there just didn’t always see it
  • Practice gratitude: Following on from confidence boosters, but to create empowerment we do need to look at what we already have and got in our lives that is good. What you enjoy/ What makes you laugh? Who do you want to see that would create more happiness in your life? What are you thankful for?
  • Give to others: Taking on the Great North Run was the biggest thing apart from getting married and having a son, I had ever done in my life. I never thought in a million years that I would have ever had done that…but I did. I wanted to raise money for the National Autistic Society because one of my mum’s friends had a son with Autism and was having a real tough time. This also follows on from “Build the love” because to receive love we do have to give it and to give it those who do need it the most and making a difference to other peoples lives, doing something you would never have dream of, whatever it may be is the most empowering thing you can do.
  • Build your knowledge: Learning about food when I decided to change my diet because I had put on weight really changed my association with food. I had, had an eating disorder and would feel guilty often when eating, but educating myself of what the body needs and what makes you happy, but healthy has made a huge difference. I don’t feel so guilty anymore and eat because I love the food, and it was interesting to learn what can really help with mood, gives you clearer skin and stops those belly aches and bloating. Learning a new skill or something that will enhance your mind and your wellbeing, can you empower you for more
  • Have a vision: I am one for goal setting. My husband is too, but he will see it as just a necessity but for me it is more than that. Often it is a life change to help me feel good about myself and build better relationships with those around me. My husband who I do admire so much, one the reasons I fell in love with him, was because when he sets his mind on something he will go for it, and do it. Example he wanted to learn to drive. He did, he wasn’t like me who often has so many different things I wish to do, but he had one vision in his mind, and he did his lessons never cancelled, passed his theory, first time and took his test twice, passing on the second time. Create a vision, a goal or a focus, Plan how you are going to do it in your head or in your mind, take action and go for it.


I love being empowered and as I often do live my life through music, it is often a song, but has been a magazine article, a Youtube video or a TV program, but as said it can be anything. It’s whatever gives you that boost that you can do anything once you have your mind set.

Never feel you should hold back, and always believe in yourself.

Please let me know what empowers you and has helped you create success in your life? I love hearing from other people so please share. You can leave a comment below.

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We should love more/A lesson for us all #truelove



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This blog was so not planned today, but as a blogger you often get ideas out of the blue when you least expect it, and often the unplanned ones are often the best.

Today, or more this morning I decided to watch a bit of Youtube. My son was already for school and was happy watching helicopters on the TV, so after doing my cleaning, had breakfast, got dressed, I sat downstairs on the sofa and opened my phone to Youtube and came across this interview of Vinnie Jones. If you aren’t sure as to who he is, he was a British ex footballer turned actor, talking about his wife Tanya who had died of cancer, and how it has been since she died and about when she died.

You have to watch it, it blew me away and I even tweeted about it. His story will really pull at your heart strings.

It really struck a cord with me, because we can often lose our way in life and feel that there is no one to love out there, but watching this video reminds me that true love does exist and can truly happen for all of us.

LOVE isn’t just about romance it is the LOVE we have for your kids, friends and family that can often help you get through tough times, and want to be around those people. I remember my Nan (my mum’s mum) saying that every night without fail her and my grandad would kiss each other goodnight because you never knew what tomorrow would bring and that is so true.

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I remember working at Butlins Holiday Camp in the UK, in Bognor Regis, and my grandad and my nan’s words were so true, because we lost a dear friend of ours Nigel through adult cot death. There was no warning, nothing. He went to bed that night and didn’t wake up the next morning. He wasn’t a heavy drinker, didn’t smoke and was a true grafter and didn’t touch drugs, and I remember feeling so sad, for a long time afterwards, because it was like “Why?”.

I did love Nigel my husband did too. Love doesn’t mean you have to be sexually involved but that you have a strong connection with someone. The greatest love and friendships for me are ones where you can literally talk about anything and everything and it doesn’t matter. You just love each others company, and we should do more to show our love and respect for our friends and family we have in our lives, as you never know what is around the corner.

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I think this is a lesson for us all. We should love more #truelove, to be kind, be generous and forget about the petty things. I moaned at my husband today because he moved some items in my son’s room, and after watching Vinnie Joneses Interview, made me realise “Was that really so important?”, “Was moving Henry’s toys really going to effect the day or Henry’s world?”. Of course not.

You just sometimes like my husband often says, got to let it go, as you know that the ones we love won’t be around forever. Whenever I feel myself being a pain in the arse I always remind myself that: 



I would like to know what love means to you? How you keep the love going? You can leave a comment below.

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Carrie X

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Looking after your mind #mentalhealthday2019



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Yes it is #mentalhealthday2019 and so I thought I would write a blog about Looking after your mind, as our minds are power machines and a lot goes on in them.

Looking after your mind is critical in helping you to be the powerful person you have always wanted to be, but sometimes our minds can work against us, if we aren’t careful, and so we have to learn to reprogram them to look at our lives differently, with our thoughts and fears.

So how do you do that?

I have discovered through having an eating disorder, having social anxiety, general anxiety and depression that you need focus on what you can do to make a difference.

I watched a video by Mel Robbins, called How To Find Your Passion #CoffeeTalk 

She explains that passion isn’t in an object, a person or a job, for example, but it is within yourself, and it is energy.

What gets you excited to get up in the morning?

So stop searching for things that aren’t there, but things that are, and go through what brings a smile to your face.

I keep talking on this site about #keepingajournal, and the reason for that is because it is a great way to brain dump all your thoughts and fears, and then find out and get to grips with:

  • Why you are having those feelings?
  • What are the triggers?
  • What can I do today that would help me feel better

– Practice #selfcare example, take a bath, get your hair done, create a                             gratitude journal and write about all the things you do like about                                     yourself, put some make up on or just chill and relax,watching reality                           TV if that’s what you like or soaps.

– Create a mood board and use your planner to keep track of how you                            feel each day and make a list of everything that would help you feel                                better that day.

– Do something new or learn something. If there is something you have                        wanted to learn about then now is the time to do that, as there are so                            many free courses out there.


It is all about making those changes to help stabilize your mind and whenever you feel low or afraid, do talk to someone because there are people who will listen.

I have been getting help from Surrey and Borders Partnership, which is #mentalhealth support you can get from the NHS, as my anxiety got so bad I ended up in hospital. I was having heart palpitations and thought that someone was after me.

It was horrendous and would never want anyone to go through that, and is why I support #mentalhealthcharities. I got help and so can you.

They will go on your terms not on theirs. So do get support if you feel that you can’t take life anymore or life is getting too much, because it can. Life can be a juggling act and can affect the mind, and so it is important for ourselves and our love ones who often are affected by someone with mental illness too, to get support and help.

Never feel alone if you have mental health problems, because you are not.

My son’s school raised money for the #helloyellow which supports young people with mental health. They had all the children wear something yellow to support #worldmentalhealthday.

When it comes to mental health it can affect anyone no matter who they are, so it is good that now we are making everyone aware of it, and that people are now getting support.

I post on this blog on a weekly basis and to keep up to date with my blogs then you can do so my following me on If you have struggled with mental illness and you came out of it, then please tell me your story, I would really like to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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I hope this has helped you should you be struggling with mental health and get support.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X
















Preparing for a new chapter



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I am about to embark on hopefully a new chapter, as tomorrow I have a job interview for a nursery in Guildford. Preparing for a new chapter can be a risk, but exciting at the same time.

I no longer want take calls from unhappy customers anymore, I’m done with that, and now want to help with my knowledge of looking after children throughout my life and from working in childcare for about a year, now want to enhance my skills and work on a more regular basis.

Today I was preparing myself for my interview, here’s what I think will help you too:

  • Make sure you do your homework about the company
  • Take some form of ID and if you work  in childcare remember your DBS and check if you received confirmation from the company about the interview, if they have provided details of what you need to bring with you
  • Check travel arrangements and direction 
  • Plan ahead, check any travel disruptions or traffic delays if you drive
  • Make sure you take down the company address, telephone number and email address, in case you are delayed or need to rearrange, plus will help you find where it is you need to go
  • Begin to plan what you are going to wear, and make sure you are smart, and you stand out
  • Don’t over do it with perfumes and deodorants, especially if you are going to be working with children, as they may be allergic and super sensitive to these strong smells
  • At the same time, do be hygienic, make sure you wash your hands if you go to the toilet and do shower or take a bath either the night before or the morning
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and tidy, creased free
  • In this day and age it is important that you make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, but put your phone on silent or switched off if possible during the interview
  • Trim nails especially if working in childcare
  • Go over Interview questions and answers. I found some really good ones via the website:
  • Pack your bag the day or night before, especially if you have an interview in the morning, and like me have to do the school run before hand. Helps with stress levels and the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around, because if you are nervous this is only going to make things worse
  • Go over the company information and the interview questions and answers to help prepare you as you get closet to the time. I am gonna do this whilst I commute, will help use up the time and stop me from getting apprehensive and I will also be taking a deep breath in through the nose out through the mouth, and close my mind
  • This will help lead you to switch off for a few moments to help keep yourself calm, listen to music, read or just practice mindfulness.
  • Lastly I wish you good luck

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Please check out my previous blog if you have not done so How to know when you’ve found your purpose in life.

You can keep up to date with my blogs by following me on Please if you are embarking on a new chapter then please share, I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below.

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I really hope that this will be a new start and another great path that I am about to lead on, and if you are too about to embark on a new chapter then:

“Take the Bull by the Horns and go for it, you never know what is on the other side if you don’t bother trying”.

Many thanks for reading, 


Carrie X 

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How to know when you’ve found your purpose in life.



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How to know when you’ve found your purpose in life.

Found quote on:–inspirational-quotes/all

Sometimes it can take time to figure this out, and you may take many paths to find out, however once you found that purpose you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve next.

Here is a video posted by Own, of Oprah Winfrey and Author Caroline Myss, discussing just that.

Youtube video of Oprah Winfrey talking to Author Caroline Myss, of How to know when you’ve found your purpose in life.

We often have to face our fears and get out of our comfort zone, to find our purpose in life and life is about travelling through different chapters to find out who we truly are.

Please check out my previous blog of Mel Robbins First show on TV, where she talks about the 5 second rule which can help you too.

I would like to know if you have found your purpose in life and how you came about it. You can leave a comment below.

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Mel Robbins new show


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Image of Mel Robbins, talking about her new chat show
Image of Mel Robbins from

If you are a fan of Mel Robbins, then check Mel Robbins new show, which launched on the 16th September 2019, and shares how she first began to use the 5 Second Rule.

Check out video of the first Episode below:

It is brilliant to watch and really helps stop you from over thinking and take action.

Remember you can keep up to date of all my blogs by following me on and please share how you have used the 5 second rule in your life by commenting below. I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Billionaires Do This for 10 minutes Every Day


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Who wants to be a billionaire? I do…

Check out this video below by Mel Robbins, it is about what Billionaires Do This for 10 minutes Every morning.

Mel Robbins: Billionaires Do This for 10 minutes Every Morning

Let me know what do you do that helps to set up your day and how you have created positive differences in your life.

Please remember that you can keep up to date with my blogs by following me on and if there is a topic you would like me to write about that I haven’t covered or you would like to share what you do that helps to set up your day, then please comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

The Art of keeping a journal


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My Happy Journal

The art of keeping a journal is basically to brain dump all your thoughts onto paper whether negative or positive. It just helps clear the mind, and set a side time for yourself to be with your thoughts for a bit.

I created a cheat sheet, to help those who are new to writing a journal, what to write about.

I keep many journals, one that I share all my happy thoughts and moments in my life and one for my negative most private thoughts. They are all kept in a safe place.

You don’t have to do that, I would suggest to keeping with one for the time being until you get used to it. You can look at Pinterest for ideas aswell.

This is where I build up content for my blogs, being creative can help and make it your own.

So if you want to enjoy the art of keeping a journal and brain dumping your thoughts then why not start now.

It can help put those thoughts in a different perspective.

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If you like to keep a journal then I’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

How to manage feelings of being overwhelmed

How to manage feelings of being overwhelmed can be a hard task as we keep piling more items on our to do lists and being wanted in many different places at once, it just can feel endless.

My first tip is to take some time out for yourself and do some self care, this can be journalling, taking a hot bath, going for a walk or exercising for 5 to 10 minutes each day. Self care means looking after yourself, and if you have kids that is even more important to take some time out for yourself.

Second tip is to be more productive, check out my blog about ten hacks of being more productive, and set a side time for each item on your list, and be realistic as to what you can achieve in the time you have.

Delegate, if there is something for example my husband can do, then I let him, like he will vacuum whilst I go round and dust, he will pop to the shops whilst I am working, life can be a juggling act and why not share the responsibility if there is two of you.

Take time out, and do something other than work, sometimes it can feel like we are glued to our computers, rather than reading a book or watching TV. You are allowed that time, rather than working all the time.

Practice mindfulness, can really help and can help concentrate on what is around us and take in our environment for two to three seconds. That is all it takes.

So next time you feel overwhelmed listen to your mind, if it needs a break take one, everyone needs to be able to recharge their batteries including humans.

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Let me know how you stop yourself from being overwhelmed I would love to hear, you can comment below or fill in form below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X