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So I feel so blessed that you are liking my blogs and following me, it really means the world.

I am still continuing on with my Monthly challenge of No Spend January and so here is a video I did for my Main Youtube channel on how it is going. I talk about my money habits and things I have paid for whilst doing this challenge and only buying what I need, as this is the point, and being strict with myself.

Here is the video below:

It can be tempting, because I do like to have a coffee from a coffee shop, but this can add up and I have got access to a Coffee Machine and have two jars of instant coffee which is just good enough, and so I have been focusing making sure I top up my Oyster card, which I used to ride the bus and train, and that I have cash on my should I need to buy anything like personal care items.

I am starting to feel like I want to challenge myself for the year, but I know that will be super tough, so going to decide once I have reached at the end of the month.

I really hope you like this video and remember if you’d like to be kept up to date about blogs, then you can do so my following me.

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Carrie X

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