|About me and this site

Picture of me doing a fundraising event

Hello and welcome to my blog, talking about mental health, personal growth, how I am striving for success and trying accomplish as much in my life as possible, and taking you along the way. I really want to help you too. 

Thank you to those who already follow my blogs it is great to get such wonderful feedback.

I really enjoy self development and life coaching through sharing  videos, articles and podcasts I have discovered and always looking to grow as a person to help develop my understanding of who I am and what I want to be in life. You can do that too by following the strategies I have followed and are following to become the person you have always wanted to be. 

I am a mum, housewife, blogger and author.

You can find all links to my blogs and books via my website http://www.carrierealworld.com and on my related Facebook page:


My home town is London but now live with my Hubby and my Bubs in Surrey.

I love to exercise and keep fit at home, check out my WordPress site:


I post blogs about my everyday living and lifestyle, which is sharing the TV, films and music I love, and what I like to get up to everyday and at the weekends, with my family. I like to live a much productive life as possible and really enjoy sharing ways you can do this on this site, where I talk a lot about productivity but on my other blog site too, everydaylivingandlifestyle.

I also share this information on my Instagram, Pinterest (see below) and on another Facebook page I have created:




Here you can click and access my Pinterest:


Plus Twitter: https://twitter.com/carrie82434764

I share blogs about Parenting using WordPress aswell:



I really hope you get as much out of this website as much as possible and please give me feedback if there are any topics you would like me to cover, via my feedback page:


Wish you all the very best,

Carrie X

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