Ten Ways to Live A more Positive Life?



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So if you didn’t read my previous post then you wouldn’t know that I didn’t have a good day yesterday, and was very fed up, and I never want to hide behind it, making out my life is full of red roses and making out I am on top of the world.

Today started of brilliantly but then was stitched up trying to buy items in Marks and Spencers.

If you have a bad day then there are some positive things that can help you through it, so here are ten ways to live a more positive life:

  1. Practice and act of kindness, so I am fundraising this year like I do every year to raise money towards good causes, and you can too. My chosen charity this year is Tommy’s who raise money to carry research on Still births and premature births. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/theparentingadventuresprematurebirths This can be anything to even buying the Big Issue as they are sold to those who are homeless and trying to turn their lives around to living on the streets in England.
  2. Write, even if it is a song, just get a notepad and begin. I write everyday as it relaxes me and I get lost in it to the point I don’t worry about anything else around me, especially when I do my other love, playing music whilst I work. This has become my kind of meditation and stick with it if it helps you.
  3. Cook a favourite meal that relaxes you and gives you comfort. I believed like many from diet experts, that you shouldn’t comfort eat, but I disagree, as it is always so nice to have a meal that is like a great big hug on a plate or in a bowl.
  4. Walk the cobwebs away. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed or bogged down this always helps and getting well earned fresh air is the best medicine for me, and I did just that today, after the fiasco I had in M&S.
  5. Look after your skin. This time of year I often get chapped skin on my hands and to the point they can be very sore, but because I have been using many creams and oils, it has stopped this, and I do feel better about myself that I don’t need to worry about this now.
  6. Read a book a day. I love reading, but I do take a break from this, because when I do read I can read books one after the other and need that break to read more books and again helps me escape reality for a bit.
  7. Set a week of goals to achieve and for each day, even if it is to have an extra hours of sleep, it is still a goal and sometimes you do need extra time to rest and recuperate.
  8. Volunteer. I suppose this could be the same as number one, but I wanted to include this specifically as it can be so rewarding even if it is working in a Charity shop for a few hours. I helped out in a Football Festival and was marking down the scores of each match and I loved it. Now I know we are in lockdown again, but some shops do still appear to be open, so slightly confused, but you can even set up a Youtube channel to do a act of kindness by reading a story and like the guy who has an Instagram account called the Body Coach did, to help people to get fit.
  9. Develop a project that you have always wanted to do, and it can be to set up a website or an online course, just anything that has a purpose to you and to others.
  10. Have a penfriend. I had 3 to 4 penfriends at one time. One was a woman whom I met when visiting my Uncle Tony who was in a disabled home, and she loved Bon Jovi and knew of the songs like me too, and I loved her as soon as I met her, as she was so full of life and was so happy, that it opened my eyes that no matter what your problem may be you can still be happy and nothing should stop you. I sent her some Bon Jovi posters because she had trouble getting to them as they were downstairs in her local store, and it had no lift or anything so I bought some to send to her. I had another whom I met whilst on holiday in Devon, and a couple of girls who went to Grey Coats my secondary school and left to go abroad and another who I got in contact with through a rock magazine called Kerrang.

Being happy is hard to come by when for so long you haven’t felt good about yourself like I have, but making positive changes to your life, can make all the difference.

So Stay safe and strong, and remember never allow anyone stop you from having a more happier and positive life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

When you just want to say “To the Hell with it”



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You maybe thinking why write this post when I was in my other blogs say “You go and set goals and be successful, fuck those who are arseholes”, but I like to be honest and this year I do feel like I have been on the worst rollercoaster I have ever been on. Not being dramatic and being an actress who didn’t get the part of being Cinderella and given the part of an ugly sister, putting up with those who are like “Talking bullshit is better than the truth, stop doing that, its wrong, I like lying” yet they often the ones who keep saying “I like being a C.U.N.T because I’m just being honest” and start shouting it about, and then when you see them or speak to them they start kissing your arse. I don’t, I may mention that what I write is me being honest, but I hope that I don’t need to say it and shout it, as people can automatically tell I am writing the truth and from my heart. It’s in the words, of expressing how I feel.

I know my mum might read this and say “That is a nasty blog take it down at once” Sorry mum but like you I’m only being caring and honest, like you always say you are.

Yeah it isn’t going to stop me from having a life, I am just fed up that there are those who make you think “To the Hell With it” I’ll have a take away rather than have the leftovers in my fridge, I’ll stay in bed all day, I shouldn’t have gotten out of the bed and wish I could hide away and that there would be such a thing of an invisibility cloak, to stop phone calls that I don’t want.

To the hell with it, I’ll stink all day as soon as you want to use the shower someone else in your home wants to use it, which is fine, but they see you getting your stuff ready and run in there, like the superhero flash. Yet I don’t mind waiting after him as you know he won’t be long, and when I use the shower I get accused of using up the hot water.

It’s days like today where I wouldn’t mind being a superhero with powers that would keep cretins away and have a credit card that noone can use to spend some dosh on my account. To those who do that, I want to say “Did you enjoy buying that crap on my account, was it worth it?” And then move the amount back to them, with a note says “Thanks for the debt but here’s my gift from me the debt you have tried to give to me”.

Life is full of ups and downs, but when you get more downs then up you feel like saying “To the Hell with it” I’m gonna give up.

My aim like so many, is to be happy and its my writing through blogs and books, that do keep me going along with being in love and listening to music.

I have come to discover that a lot of people aren’t want they seem, pretending to like you, but not and I am sick of that.

“To the Hell with it” I’ll be as nasty but because I do have a huge conscious, and know that there are genuine nice people it stops me. If they keep on I will take the piss out of them, but I am the sort of person, that when I like someone it is true, as I express it, but if it is someone I genuinely don’t like I won’t give them the time of day.

Part of being successful is to go through the wars aswell as the times when it feels like I have been given a bunch of roses, but when someone wants to destroy you through jealousy it just makes you say “To the Hell with it” have your glory I don’t care.

So yes, today has been one of those days, and I hope tomorrow will be a lot better, and hope I can have my dinner without any hassle and have a good evening.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Ten goals to end the year on a positive note



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Life Goals: Plan It, Live It, Achieve It.

If you had read my previous post this year didn’t start off too well, but as the year has gone on, with more heartache events happening, I want to end the year on a positive note by following these ten goals to help me:

  1. Have two books written and published
  2. Get back into my fitness
  3. Spend time with the positive people in my life
  4. Have a new home
  5. Continue to grow my audience with writing more blogs
  6. Have a better Christmas than the last one
  7. Do some more videos for my Youtube channel
  8. Invest in another pair of black trousers
  9. Rearrange my wardrobe by putting outfits together
  10. Finally create a end of year vision board of these things to develop another vision board for the following year

I am all about setting goals, and now I have shared some of mine, why not tell me by using the comments section below of one goal you would like to accomplish by the end of the year, too.

Life is about creating happiness and success in your life. There are those who are selfish and want to destroy it, because they don’t like to see people being happy, but leave them in their misery whilst you thrive.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Developing a programme that advances your life



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List should always be about living the best life you can live, and that means developing a programme that advances your life.


Creating as many things that will bring you happiness, success and all round wellbeing.

First of all do a diagram or a organisational chart or even a road map of the direction you want to take, to create big things into your life.

Example: Becoming a soccer coach

Step 1= Play a game and join a football team

Step 2 = Do a FA coaching qualification or scholarship

Step 3 = Coach a team

You can map it out as you like, it’s just setting it out and making it come true.

I am a goal setter and I make goals for the year but break it down into days, weeks and months.

The other thing is to get rid of some of the old and bring in the new, a sentence that is sung in the Dina Carrol song, “A perfect year”. So anything that you no longer get anything out of now, toss it away.

If you get that “inner critic” in your head then listen to it and shut it down. Create a list of everything that brings you joy now and what will bring you joy, when it is added to your life.

Circle a few that you wanna add with no more than four items at a time so you stop giving yourself to much to do, and break it down so all you want to add to your life, you can. Often from my own experience when going back over this list, my things I want to achieve can change, and that’s ok.

So go for it, live your dreams and be the success you want to be.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie x

Being Super Human



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What do I define as Super Human?

Those that do good by other people no matter where or when.

Some may shout Simon Cowell or Skeleton?

But having watched them on Camera they are just teeth and no action.

I heard that the contestants on BGT and the X Factor that they put them through, win and then soon after its taken away fr them again.

If you want to create dreams come true then do so, but honestly. People hate those that are bullshit.

Being unkind to those who are genuinely nice and down to earth as far as I am concerned isn’t being human at all as human nature is about nurturing one another not destroying someone because they are jealous, begrudging and can’t have what the other person has got.

I am not saying I am perfect I know I’m not I just love doing good by people. I am not liked by everyone, and I except that but if they haven’t said a cross word to me then I would not say anything to them.

Programmes like Jeremy Kyle show and the apprentice did highlight people who had nothing good in them and showed however much you disliked or believed in those programme, that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN ARSEHOLE TO BE HAPPY OR SUCCESSFUL.

I do believe in one of the ten commandments that never judge or hurt those how you wouldn’t liked to be judged or hurt themselves.

You don’t have to Hitler to be a manager or a business owner. Respect comes from you and them in your world and be grateful to those who are kind heartened because there the people whom make the world go round.

So let’s be kind, strong and all just get along because life is short and it’s about being happy not hurting.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Be Yourself and never copy



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Top 16 J.K. Rowling Quotes to Inspire Strength Through Adversity | Goalcast

To be successful it is important to be yourself and never copy as people will know that you have stolen someone elses idea.

When it comes to building an empire it should always be original and stand out from the rest.

My blogs have been doing extremely well because I share my difficulties as well as good parts of my life, because people who read my posts can relate to it as they know it is written from the heart as well from my mind.

Throughout our lives there are events which are out of our control, but when we manage our mindset it can help us to overcome our challenges and thrive in our lives.

I knew taking on the Great North run would take some doing, so I did train for it and I have written about this a lot, because it was a massive accomplishment, and one I am extremely proud of, and made me see that with sheer determination and drive I could do anything.

I have created a blog network, which is doing well for itself, and even though this passed few weeks have been tough, I do see a light and know that there are even more better things to come, and it is the old saying “When you full of a horse, always get back on”, because life is about thriving and living, not about existing.

So if you have idea, don’t throw it in the bin, but keep going and remember never copy as people will see through it, and that “Your only doing it for the money and because it is trendy”.

A business has to be created by your heart and mind, and have its own personal appearance, and have originality, and benefits people.

When I was working at Sitel I won many awards for my Customer Service, and this was due to taking a lot of emails, calls and online chats.

I did make mistakes but I have come to accept that mistakes needed to be made for me to learn for next time and the one thing I think helped me is I like to get in touch with people’s hearts and minds to, to help them and was always my biggest skill because people want to feel cared for and that there was someone willing to listen, and that was one thing I always did and will continue to do, to help them thrive and be happy.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

How to deal with those that drag you down



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There are people who are a joy to hang around with and others that make you feel you shouldn’t have bothered getting up, and stayed in hibernation for a whole day.

They see themselves as being right all the time, when they haven’t understood at all, and just because they don’t do something, that noone should do it.

Those are the sort of people who have nothing good to say, and feel that we should hang on to their every word.

So what do I want to say to that ?

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I don’t mind people giving advice but not when it is a nag or a lecture.

When ever I am nagged or lectured, what do I feel like doing?

Yes, life isn’t about being right, we all get things wrong, but there are those that will admit it and others that won’t.

Try to avoid people who are negative or suffocating, because they are the type of person that will drag you down instead of lifting you up.

Sometimes it can be avoidable if they are related to you, but still doesn’t mean that they have a right to tell you how to live your life, as we all should be able to live without being targeted by people that have no good to say, and should be put into their place and told to:

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So if you want to be successful, by being independant, be around good people that make you feel alive and those that don’t drag you down, then go head, live the life of luxury and most importantly, be:

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Getting back on board when you hit a brick wall



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These couple of weeks where I had planned to do lots of work on my books and blogs, do some exercise indoors and outside, training online and plan for next week for when my son goes back to school, I have kind of hit a brick wall.

When that happens it can be hard to get back on track, as I lie in later than normal and feel like hardly doing anything.

Part of it is because I have been on my Menstrual Cycle, so effects my energy and enthusiasm, plus catching up on sleep as when I am looking after my son, I tend to get up early.

When I am feeling like this, lack of spontaneity I just do what I can and give myself extra time to rest and recuperate, knowing I will do more once this fatigue disappears.

Part of being successful is making time for yourself to recharge, and do other things other than work, so I don’t stress about it too much, and take each day as it comes.

Having time to watch a comedy or listen to music is a luxury thing to me now as I don’t always get the time, so it is good to make the time now and again.

Give yourself a day off, which I have done after working seven days a week. I now am going to take Sunday’s off from blogging and concentrate on other things that I want to do, aswell as need to do.

Noone is going to be remembered for keeping up with to do lists, but that they had a fulfilling life and not that I made sure the dishwasher was always cleared each day. At the end of the day it is just housework and can be done at anytime, but watching a film, like my life now being a mum and working for myself, it isn’t something I can do all the time, so when I can I make the most of it.

Time is precious and should be spent with doing and being with the people and things you love, rather something you feel you have to do, to keep people happy, but whats better, having a cuddle with your child or making sure the house is cleared each day? I know which one I choose.

So let us all just breath and just be on some days without worrying about housework and chores. Some days should be about having fun and chilling out.

Soon it will be all systems go again so any quiet and peaceful time I have I will be making the most of it.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

If you need a lift of empowerment then play that music



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As I am writing this blog post I am listening to Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr song called Me and My Shadow and boy is it uplifting, just what you need when is the start of another week, and has been a slow start to the day.

Music has been my life and whatever I have been feeling it has put me back on top of the world. I find with music there are some songs that feel like they speaking to me, as often I will play music on how I am feeling, and reflect on my life, passed, present and the future.

When there are days where I feel is a struggle I will put some tunes on my phone whether it be swing, 30’s-60’s music and it literally it empowers me no end, and I don’t know what my life would be like if there was no music.

My influence in music stems from my dad, as he would always play his records, usually a Sunday morning before he went to the pub in Chelsea and we would then meet him there later on in the day.

When we go camping, we would go to this country pub and there would be a massive jukebox and I would play music nonstop and sit by it and sing my lungs out.

The amount of records my dad had, he could have owned a music store, because he had so many from Diana Ross to Pavarotti, it was endless, and listening to my music now as I write this blog helps me keep in contact with my dad, even though he has passed on, it was what kept me and my dad close and has kept his memory alive.

Music brings people together and has helped along with sport, raise money for charity and without music, we would have never known about Bob Geldof, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, The Rap Pack, The Three Tenors or Tom Jones.

So if you are having a day where you don’t feel so good, if you need a lift of empowerment then play that music that makes you smile whilst you do your housework, pot around in the garden or working like I am on the computer, as it can really help life your spirits.

Stay safe everyone, and thank you to those that have followed me on this site it really means a lot.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


Being Productive when you are tired



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Let’s face it we all get tired, and it can really drag us down when we feel like our eyes are on the floor. Being productive when you are tired is like playing tennis when your arms are tide up and can’t hit a ball to save our life.

This week I have felt wiped out, that some days I have had to kip during the day whilst my son took part in a School Sports club, and was too tired to do anything else.

You can however still be productive, you just have to do it, at a slower pace and rather doing a load of items on our todo lists, just do one. After all every little bit counts, and when you have more energy then you can do more.

On this site I write alot about being successful, but we aren’t robots, we need sleep, even if it is for a few hours here and there, WE ALL GET BLOODY TIRED, and when we do we must listen to our bodies.

To be successful you have to be awake, as I find when I am super tired, my creativity goes, my enthusiasm is tiny and I just want to hibernate until I come fully alive again.

Productivity isn’t all to do with work, but also adding in rest time and chill time, it isn’t all about rushing around doing job to job, we all need time to rewind and reset ourselves.

We aren’t robots, even though I wish I could hire a robot from time to time as things like wiping my sons bottom isn’t much fun. Don’t get me wrong I love being a parent, but there are jobs I don’t like and that is wiping my son bum when, and I am sorry if this puts you off your dinner, but does a pooh.

I think if we could own a machine that automatically wipes the pooh away from our children, it would sell out in an instant.

Life isn’t about jamming everything in, but doing what you can and making little changes, rather than big ones.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and please remember to follow me on WordPress.com to be kept up to date with my posts.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X