Great men of today



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Today we remember a great man. The world needs more people like ...

Hello and welcome to another blogpost. In this post I am writing about the great men of today.

The first person who springs to mind is Tony Robbins, who has inspired and touched people’s lives like you wouldn’t believe and who I found just by browsing the internet, literally and looking for an answer to my questions about my life.

He breaks it down for you and makes you see that if you change the pattern you currently live in you can reshape your life to be better than what it is.

Then there is people such as Russell Brand who have had some dark times but has come out the other side to help people with their wellbeing and mindset.

As a kid the one person I loved for years, was Glenn Hoddle he was my pin up after my obsession with Tony Stamp played by Graham Cole, in the UK series The Bill, had laid to rest and I was a super fan of his and even bought a Spurs CD just so I called have Glen Hoddle and Chris Waddle song Diamond lights.

As far as I am concerned it was Glenn Hoddle who first started to change Chelsea Football club’s future and contributed to being the club they are today, being one of the top 5 clubs in England.

Some may disagree but for me he was the one who bought over another great man Ruud Gullit, who went onto manage the club and then bought in Vialli and Zola. We even had players such as Mark Hughes playing for us, and the rest as they say is history.

Then there is Mourinho “The Special One” who became our manager twice, the first time with him we won the Premiership, but the second time we didn’t do so well.

Of course we have to mention Sir Alex Ferguson who has left a legacy in football aswell at Manchester United like no other man, and one title after title and trophy after trophy and no one has matched up with him yet.

The season that he did first win the premiership was going to be his last if he didn’t win anything, but carried on to win a whole lot more.

There are some great men that have changed the world for the better and become a success over sheer determination and drive.

Then there are men that make you keep faith and love and laughter and that is Lee Mack, who real name is Lee McKillop.

I am sure there will be a whole lot more in the future to come.

So lets raise our glasses for these heroic men and praise what they do as father, brothers, uncles and even grandparents and men of the world and society.

Please stay safe and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Inspired to be a success



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Dame Vera Lynn obituary | Music | The Guardian

I love being inspired by others and thrive on it a lot, and there is one person who springs to mind and that is of Dame Vera Lynn who sadly passed away today.

She didn’t come from a rich home but became a household name from a very young age singing to the troops who fought in the war and helped bring happiness through her music alive.

You don’t have to have loads of money to be a success, you just got to have shear determination and drive.

She wanted to help others through Lockdown by re-releasing her song We’ll meet again, to bring hope that we will see our love ones again after lockdown and she was right.

I grew up listening to Dame Vera Lynn’s music through my dad always playing her songs and would often play her version of There’ll always be an England.

She could have easily shied away from singing during the war and gone into hiding but she didn’t in fact it was through her music people kept their spirits high, and gave hope to others and was the pinnacle of her career and became more popular through producing music still during the war and even had her own show on the radio too.

To be success you have to do things out of the norm sometimes where other people would not dream of going, you do have to do things outside your comfort zone, to get a name for yourself.

That is why people like Martin Luther King became a household name because he spoke out about racism that others wouldn’t.

So lets celebrate and raise our glasses for those who inspire us and keep us going each day.

Stay safe and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Dream it big



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business woman carrying the world isolated over white | Freestock ...

Hello and welcome to my new blogpost and thank you to those that have spent the time reading my blogs and liking them, it really does mean a lot.

In order to become a success you have to dream it big, and I mean visualize what it is and what it feels like.

Really paint a good picture, adding colour and people into your dream. Who is with you that could help you accomplish your dreams?

Are there things that are secretly and I mean subconsciously holding you back, and how can you get through these hurdles so you can continue to reach your dream goal, whatever it may be.

Write or draw out the image in your mind and what you see and feel. Then write down what the final outcome is and what this feels like and really paint a good picture.

If people tell you that it just not possibly, use this as a signal to try even harder and to show them actually it can happen. You will always have doubters you just have to overcome them.

I wrote a blog post about being Be Ruthless in achieving success sometimes you have to throw the punches and argue by taking action that it can happen and it will happen.

There is always possibilities so go for your dreams and never let anyone hold you back.

Keep safe, many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Bloody Mondays



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Monday Again... Free Monday Blues eCards, Greeting Cards | 123 ...

Hello and welcome, it is Monday and it is only 11:38am and want to go back to bed. I haven’t even made my bed this morning yet, I have just been chilling and watching some well earned TV.

You just have to take the plunge and think “To the hell with it” and concentrate on doing something different on a Monday rather than doing the same thing all the time.

I have no real deadline now but like to kick the Monday’s with a positive way and I feel I did that this morning.

To be successful you have to not think about work all the time but spend time just chilling out and taking your time.

It is so nice to drink a cup of tea without having to chuck it down my neck because I am in a hurry, and scold my throat at the same time.

When I am in a hurry I get so hot and bothered that I just want to scream “Fuck off” to the world and be a peaceful about it as much as possible.

Pardon my language but I want to use my blogs as a platform to reach out to you as much as possible, and sometimes I just feel I need to swear in order to see the day through.

So I am now going to go now but I have a happy Monday and I will be back blogging as I go through the week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Get ahead of yourself



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15 powerful quotes to change the way you think about time and ...

Hello and welcome to another blog on Everyone Can build a castle. First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to those who are now following my blog it means so much to me, I couldn’t have gotten through the lockdown without you.

Now we have some normality, some kids in the UK have now returned to school, it is time to get ahead of yourself . I am going to spend time to batch blog tonight so I have plenty to post this week we still have upon us.

There is still so much I want to share that I want to make sure I get it out by the end of the week.

  • My first tip to get ahead of yourself, is to do anything you can do the night before even if you spent 10-15 minutes on something, if it sets you up ready for the next day do it.
  • Prioritize and separate your to do list, this helps to break your tasks down and not see too much. The bigger the list the less we get down, the smaller the list the more chance you have of getting it done.
  • Add to your schedule a 5 to 30 minute tea break and use this to catch up on TV or Youtube or listen to an audio book or practice mindfulness.
  • Use the extra time you have in the morning to do some cleaning rather leaving it to when you get back from the school run. I find the less I have to do during the time my son is at school in terms of housework or getting myself ready for the day, as I don’t enjoy it, the more I can focus on the work I do enjoy such as my writing.
  • Spend 10-30 minutes pottering around starting from the top to bottom or bottom to top and just go around making the beds, cleaning an area, putting a load of washing on or washing up, just to have a break from the computer and straighten out the home without little effort
  • Spend travelling time to practice being in the now rather than hiding face away on your phone and take in your surroundings. We can get so buried in our phones and laptops that we rarely breath and take in our environment, so spend some time doing this as this stops your head getting over loaded.
  • Write down each task you complete so you can get to see how much you can truly get done in a day and week. You will be surprised with yourself of how much you can complete when you set your mind to it.

So lets make the most of the free time we have now, that our children are back to school, and stay safe.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Creating a healthy work life



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8 Remarkable Quotes on Work Life Balance From Successful People

Hi and welcome to another blog. So, many kids have now returned to school this week. It is amazing how much spare time you have, not that I didn’t enjoy the extra time I spent with my son, but the Lockdown since last week was taking it toll, to the point I was completely blogged out.

I spent so much time blogging as much as I could that I did suffer with burn out.

It is important when working that you have a healthy work life. I know it isn’t easy, but we can get so bogged down that it can become too much and before you know it you are under your neck with so much to do.

The one thing you should schedule is chill out or quiet time, to have a hot bath and read a book, or TV time.

Rest is just as important as working so make time for it.

Allow some proper wake up time, I don’t function correctly if I haven’t had a hearty breakfast or a cup of tea.

Whilst your child is a school why not schedule a day to reunite yourself with your friends, following the social distancing rules.

Still no many shops or places are open but doesn’t stop someone from popping around for a coffee does it.

Have a DVD night or TV night with some pop corn, crisps or other snacks.

It is all about making the most of every hour of the day. I find when I have had a constructive day that I function better and sleep a lot better.

So take some time out and create a schedule you know you can stick to. Please check out my blog post about my routine:

Establish a good routine to conquer a successful Day

Having a good routine can really help get everything you need to do done and be happy with yourself, rather than feeling bogged down or you have wasted a day doing nothing that has fulfilled you.

Please share how you create a good healthy working life below. Please remember to follow me if you would like to be kept up to date with all my blogs I have written.

Do check out my weekly newsletter blog (see link below):

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


7 Tips on how to be productive during self isolation



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Become More Productive As A Modern Age Entrepreneur - Multitasking ...

At the moment we are all in self isolation and there are many reasons why we can lose faith in what we want to accomplish in our lives aswell as like me I look at my bed and sometimes contemplate whether to lie back in it or not.

That can become the norm if we are not careful and end up wasting so many days and going over what we need to do each day.

Here are 7 tips on how to be productive during self isolation:

So my first tip of this blog is to:

Tip 1# Have a plan of action

What do you add is what you want to accomplish that particular day and a deadline.

Tip 2# Create a block schedule

Check out my own schedule I have created which you can use as a guide or to print off.

My Block Schedule

Tip 3# Create a daily journal

I have a gratitude journal and even have one I use to write gags in, Bob Monkhouse, always had a load of joke books and now they have been put away in safe keeping. If you want to create a bit of humour in writing a journal, or even put together an art journal.

Tip 4# Take time for yourself to see how much you can get done

We all need time out and there is no time like the present, but we can still be productive by scheduling TV and quiet time

Tip 5# Set a side to catch up on research to help build your skills and knowledge each week

I love to learn to things and often will do a course via as you can learn so much at little cost.

Tip 6# Plan as much as you can before Monday before the busy school runĀ 

I always use my Sundays to catch up on any finished jobs like updating Henry’s school diary, go through his book bag and any last minute things we need ready for the school week.

Getting ahead of myself is what I am about so anything I am not able to do, I do at the weekends

Tip 7# Use your time wisely so mornings, evenings and weekends

These are good times for me and I also give myself some TV time for some evenings or catching up on Youtube to help do some research or to just do something different.

So I hope you have found this useful and until next time

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X








Be Ruthless in achieving success



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good habits for sucess

Hi everyone welcome to another blog.

In this blog I talk about Be Ruthless in achieving success.

You have to take on challenges and not shy away from them, but face them head on.

Example: My aim for this week was to reach 70 followers to this blog and I have, buy creating content for you all and help you towards success.

I have now managed to accomplish that, and I know that my blogs are being received as I want them to be.

It still requires organizing, prioritization and commitment, but when it comes to blog writing it is quality over quantity, and to help grow my blogs, it does mean blogging every day, and putting content out there that you can relate to and will help you.

Now there are many elements as I do have to look after my son during some days and committing time to all my blogs, please check my Blog Network for details, where I post all my blogs onto.

Set yourself time, that may mean working early morning whilst the rest of the household are sleeping, working weekends aswell as the evenings, but seeing that I have more followers now, has shown me that all that work is paying off and people like you are using my content to help you.

Don’t care what people think as there will always be those who criticize just have to let it go through one ear and out the other.

You have to make sacrifices aswell like like spending time outdoors, as lot of my work is done via the computer as with all my blogs I do like to research to gain ideas to create my content and share what is going on in my life.

I have ended my marriage which was long time coming as much as some may not want to hear that, but it is true. Why deny that?

Being thankful with the things that make you happy with life, I write in my gratitude journal everyday, and the other is Bullet journal writing lists.

Listening to empowering music, audio books and podcast.

I have doing some further training to help me towards a better and successful life.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



Truth from the Heart



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Portrait of unhappy angry young couple standing back to back not ...

In my blogs I want to speak the truth to connect with people. It may not be what a few may want to hear but it is my truth and my life.

I wrote a blog called,

It is basically saying that Relationships come to an end and you have to let go.

Dwelling on it is never going to help.

I also wrote this blog yesterday:

I am whether people want to hear it or not, split from my husband because we are two different people and it takes two, but I worked hard in my marriage, to the point I became someone else.

The people who are now going against me, have been there themselves, but now I am in the wrong because I am speaking from the heart and the truth.

To be a success in life you do have to be ruthless and face the truth.

  • Do I want to write about betrayal no?
  • Did I marry my ex-husband to divorce, no?
  • Do I wish my life to hunky dory, yes?

I am not perfect I know but I wear my heart on my sleeve and I want to inspire people to see that you can change your life and be successful, but to do that sometimes you have to admit defeat and move on.

If you too are going through a marriage break up then my heart is with you and lets help each other the best we can.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Visualize your dreams



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Please check this video above about Visualizing your dreams.

I always visualize something before I do it, and helps keep achieving my goals and success.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X