Never stop believing



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When things aren’t going the way you want them to go, it can be frustrating and feel like the bad luck will never end, but trust me it will.

Of course it depends on what it is and if it is a loss of a love one then in my opinion is something you’ll ever get over, but it becomes easier to deal with over time.

To succeed in life you have to continue to believe and visualise your success whatever it may be and never stop believing.

If you need time to be on your own and enjoy your own company for once then do so. I always do this if I feel something is becoming too much and then when I know I am ready I will return or plan on moving on to a new chapter (please read my previous post: Creating new chapters into our lives)

Get to know who you are; I think as we reach teenage years it can often be when we start to look at ourselves for the first time and be confused of who we are meant to be. I found being a teenager sometimes especially at school out of my depth and knew from early on that I was never meant for a 9 to 5 job but something different and more than that.

That is something that has become stronger and more powerful to the point I have never wanted to exceed more than I do now. I want to build my own success with help along the way if I can have it, and be a successful writer.

It is all about continuing your aim to be successful in whatever you want to be, setting yourself targets and developing yourself to be the success you have always dreamed of, just keep going and never allow anyone to hold you back.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Creating new chapters into our lives



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Sometimes I do feel that life can be like a book with many doors closing to new doors and chapters beginning and this has definitely been my life so far.

I am always looking to better myself whether it be my blog or books I write, my daily and weekly exercise, being a parent and in life in general.

If you are constantly getting doors slammed in your face then take a step back and ask yourself why this could be? Is it the approach, am I giving out the correct signal, am I not selling myself enough, is my heart not really into this as believed? as we can often be holding ourselves back preventing ourselves to really show people who we actually are, and what we are capable of.

We listen to much to our conscious mind rather than our subconscious mind, which we should be doing.

It was down to doing the Great North run that made me see that I can do the things I have always dreamed of doing, be super fit if I wanted to, and take on a half marathon. Being able to run for 20 minutes without needing to stop was a huge step for me, because when I first began training to do this event, my heart felt like it was going to come out of my mouth and jump out. It took a lot of hours of training and perseverance, which is a word I use a lot, that helped me achieve such an event, and has been one of the biggest things I have ever done in my life.

If a job has come to an end and you are now stuck as to what to do now, then take a view moments to reflect on what has happened and how you can overcome this event. Somethings that happen in our life is out of our control, but how we deal with them can help make a huge difference.

Instead of seeing it as a traumatic event see it as a chapter ending and time to go into a new job.

Instead of sticking to what you did before aim for better and higher grade of work that can be much more fulfilling, as some jobs we do we do it just to keep the money coming in, but we don’t necessarily enjoy it, so start to look at ways to still work but do the job you want to do, rather than what you need to do.

Never see it as the end because it isn’t and sit down and make a plan of where you want to go next and creating a new start that has much bigger and better things along the way can be so uplifting and there can be no end to your talents.

Write down all the things you have achieved in your life so far and what you would like to achieve next.

Honestly I have been doing this and has been a real eye opener for me, because it allows me to see what I am currently focusing on and what I am not, but should be focusing more on.

I find it allows me to rein myself in, because often than not I will give myself a trillion things to do and forget that I am only one person, and that I not able to do it all. So it has helped me to slow down, and be ahead of myself at the same time.

I am a big lover of goal setting and you can do this not just at the beginning of the year, but during aswell, because often our goals can change as we change being human beings.

So please never feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel because there is, its all about living your best life and getting as much out of it as possible.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X





Learning to be more grateful in your life



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There are times when life can feel like an endless struggle especially when you become an adult because of the sudden responsibilities you never had before.

However learning to be more grateful in your life can help you be more positive rather than feeling worn down by life.

I now have a journal where I will regularly write down the things I am most grateful for, and there are loads of things, like my son, my writing and my music.

Life would be the same if these things were in it and has helped keep from feeling bored and unmotivated. Doing a weekly reset can really help and that is writing everything you have in your head and decluttering, watching TV or reading a book rather than rushing around feeling worn out.

Today I am feeling like having a day indoors rather than going outside, because I am more likely to spend money if I do and fancy a no spending weekend and just taking it easy before the week where I will be busy again taking my son out as it is the school summer holidays.

We all need time to reflect and I do that a lot to slow myself down and to focus on the things I want to do now rather than focusing about other days.

I think we all, and I am guilty of this to, focus so much on what we have go to do tomorrow and next week, instead of focusing on what we have to do now, and so spending time reflecting on the things you are grateful of what is currently around you, can make a difference to how you feel the next day and in a weeks time.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Some Youtube Favourites I like to watch for inspiration and growth



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12 Inspirational Quotes (with Free Templates) - Easil

Hello and welcome to a new blog post. So if you didn’t know  by now, I am a big fan of Youtube and make it an essential part of my day to watch videos, as I do find many of those that make videos on Youtube inspirational and thought I would share which ones in particular.

So here are some Youtube Favourites I like to watch for inspiration and growth.

  1. The first person that comes into my mind is Erin May Henry.

She does a lot of content on entrepreneurship and living your best life, and I always make sure I watch one of her videos as soon as I see that a new one has been published, and have even saved some of her videos onto one of my playlists so I can go back to them if I wish to, as sometimes I need that lift and boost of inspiration to get myself ready for the days and weeks ahead.

She creates a lot of content of how to organize your life and plan your days, and make time for yourself too, and the most favourite topic is when she talks about writing a journal as I love writing a journal and she always inspires me to do so.

2. Do it on a dime. 

This lady is a teacher and has two boys, and creates a lot of videos on organization and how you can save money by purchasing items from stores like the dollar tree and make them look more expensive and classy compared to how much they cost.

For me along with Erin May Henry they make life see so much simple  and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

3. Jordan Paige.

I absolutely adore this lady. She is a mum of 8 children now, as she not long ago gave birth to twins, and creates a lot of videos based around her family on how to budget, organize and plan, and boy does she inspire me.

Following her tips on budgeting has helped me alot that I am more conscious and take more care when buying items, and how much I spend on groceries each month and week.

4. MuchelleB 

This lady creates a lot of content about being productive and creating positive habits and do a weekly reset to help spread out the days and weeks  including selfcare days aswell.

It is people like MuchelleB that make me see that life isn’t about struggles but challenges that can easily be overcome and still have a fulfilled life.

5. Mel Robbins

I often talk about this ladies work and content because she makes life seem so effortless at times, and is so real aswell, that it is okay to have days where you want time out and just be for a day or two.

She is the lady who created the 5 second rule and honestly her strategies do work, I can vouch for that and would not have a week without watching her content and following her methods.

6. Rachel Cruze 

I discovered this lady’s content by browsing through Youtube for more financial type of content and her videos are brilliant. Along with Jordan Paige, she gives some great tips and advice about money and how to get more out of your cash rather than wasting it on things you do not need.

Her advice again, is simple but effective and would not be without it.

7. Tony Robbins

Not seen any new content recently but from the videos I have watched, he is truly an empowering man and again breaks his strategies of thinking differently about life and how to change it, so simple.

All you have to do is break the pattern and he shows you how in simple terms that you can do in your day to day life.

8. Miss Trenchcoat

From when I first discovered Youtube I have enjoyed this lady’s content, she shares a lot of planner and entrepreneurship videos and is truly inspirational.

When I first began writing a blog and creating content on Youtube, I went to her videos for advice and motivation, and was so effective and brilliant.

She breaks it down step by step, and goes through how she plans her content and how she has developed a successful business.

9. Trinny London  

If you loved the UK TV programme Trinny and Susannah or know of it, then you would be familiar with Trinny’s Youtube videos, which is a lot about fashion, beauty and skincare.

If you are on Instagram or Facebook then you can find live videos on a week to week basis by Trinny and makes you want to dive into your wardrobe and style it up.

With her content it has really helped me with my style and what I love to wear both in skincare and in fashion, and will continue to watch Trinny’s content for inspiration advice, forever more.

10.  Shea Wintney 

Again this is a new channel I have started to watch but I really enjoy watching and being inspired by,  because her content is a lot about what not to waste your money on and what you should try to get more out of your life and just talking about everyday things.

I particular enjoyed a video she did about items you should not waste your money on, as I am guilty of wasting money on popular recommended products which turn out to be total crap.

If you have any recommended Youtube channels you think I might like to watch then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for all those that have left such positive words about my posts and for following me, and I will post on this channel again at the weekend.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X




Living for better and for more



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The more I live the more I want out of life, and enjoy it for what it is. Living for better and for more to me is what life is all about, and enjoying every hour of everyday.

As I travel through life I have found that if you wish for big you will get bigger and better things for example I was dreading looking at my bank balance at one point, and was worrying about what I was going to do during the holidays, and as it turned out I got some money from PPI, that I never knew about.

This saved my day and my summer and I have been furloughed which has also helped me out, as the work I had been doing at a local nursery was stopped due to the nursery closing down for good one because of lockdown also because it being brand new it couldn’t get enough children to keep it open, but means I can get more work for the nursery company I have been working for in the future and I am still on their books.

I had also seen that people had been buying my books and received some royalties for that, and I think it is all to do with perseverance and being patient.

It has meant taking risks, like buying further domain names to help grow my blog network, getting back into getting fit but for free so I can continue my Sports and fitness coaching blog, and creating more books to publish aswell as creating a new online course which will be out in a week or so.

I now want to aim for more things in my life like getting my own place again for me and my son to live, to build my income further and to take Henry on holiday somewhere.

Please check out my new weekly to do list that I created today. I don’t always stick to the same way of planning, but tend to mix it up to continue to boost my energy to get things done.

My Weekly To do list

At the bottom I have set goals for the week. Goal setting as I always talk about is the best way to keep hitting targets and objectives, that is how you must run a business and keep yourself and your work growing and flowing.

Everything you do should count towards your goals, and yes that means  taking days off, as often we need to wind down and take it easy to allow us to recharge to boost our energy to reach our targets we set ourselves once more.

Many thank for reading,


Carrie X

Make the most of 2020



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I know this year has been a funny kind of a year with the lockdown due to the Pandemic, but you can still make the most of 2020, by getting the most out of your life.

  • Create a new challenge each day, week, month and year, example my challenge for me this month or goal is to have two books written, edited and published, by the end of this year. To help me achieve this I have given myself a target of how many words to write each day
  • Go through obstacles and how you can overcome them, so mine the school summer holidays as I will be focusing during the day my son, so to overcome this I will put in extra hours in the evenings I have free or mornings, and weekends when my son will be with his dad
  • Take some time to reset. So just take some time going through what you have already achieved so far and what you have planned to achieve in the next few days, weeks and month
  • Use the summer days to take your work outdoors rather than being stuck in an office if possible. The outdoors can inspire you to work more than staying in one place
  • Have free choice days. So scrap the to do lists for a day or two and make time just to do whatever you choose
  • I am all for positive habits and so if there is one area in your life that drastically needs to change then create a plan to change it and create positive habit to help towards that change
  • Never sell yourself short you will be surprised at what you can achieve it is all about patience and persistence and than you will soon see the results you want

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and it is all about working towards the light and believe in yourself.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Being Ruthless in 2020



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Sometimes in order to get things done and to enjoy life as it is, being ruthless in 2020 is what you need to do.

Life is full of hurdles and obstacles, and instead of avoiding them, facing them head on is the way to deal with them and build yourself to be the success you want to be.

If there is a course or subject you wanted to learn that will help you towards your goal, then do it and envision yourself doing the things you have always wanted to learn about, that will help you to succeed in whatever field you choose.

Ignore the critics, they are often just doing this because they feel threatened by your confidence and are being envious that they haven’t got the guts you have.

Never feel that there isn’t enough success to go around because there is, that is how we have millionaires like Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Tony Robbins, Grand Cardone etc, and learning from these guys can teach you how by doing little changes to your pattern in life, can change your outlook and see that you too can have a nice car, property, the love of your life and free time to whatever you want.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. I knew for example as a kid that I wanted to win the cup at my dancing school for having the highest marks. It took a lot of lessons and time to perfect my dancing which was ballroom, latin and disco dancing, and in doing so I finally as it was my last exam in the child’s section won the kids highest marks trophy and the year after being classed as an adult competitor, won the cup, the one I had wanted as soon I saw it, for the highest marks.

This meant I had beaten the children and all the adults by having the highest scores.

I knew that in order for me to get my dancing to top level, I had to stop the nerves I felt when I took my exams to pass so I could focus on getting every dance and step right. It didn’t happen overnight it took time, but I made sure I went to every class on Saturday morning I created the vision, going through my head the routines and practicing at home, and I did it, I won the cup.

So don’t sit back and be ruthless with yourself, set those goals and ambitions and be the best person you have ever wanted to be.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Making Everyday Count



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We can get so caught up in planning for our future that we forget about the here and now.

As I have gotten older and become a parent, it is funny how time seems to be so precious more now than when I was younger.

When I was a kid I would often dream about being an adult, and doing whatever I wanted, but now I am here I do wish I had valued the times I had as a kid, because I did take life for granted.

As you grow so does responsibilities and can become overwhelming at times, so now I do value my days and hours more.

Making everyday count is a must especially having a child of my own, I don’t want to miss a thing, so I do make the most of the here and now, rather than dreaming about being somewhere else.

Due to the summer holidays starting I am looking forward to it rather than dreading it, as there is less running around because you have to do the school run.

It is mind boggling how the time I drop Henry off at school to picking him up goes so quickly. So now I make the everyday count from the start of the week to the end of the week, and that not rushing around, but taking my time and taking in what is around me, and the time I have free now. Not next week or tomorrow, but now.

If you find yourself rushing then take a deep breath and you can shut your eyes but just count 1 to 10 and chill.

I make sure now that I have quiet time aswell as doing work and that I make time just for me, as we all need time to stop and recharge.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

Sell or to be Sold by Grant Cardone



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Hi and welcome to a new blog post. In Today’s post I am talking about this book I listened to on Audible, which was brilliant.

I would totally recommend audible as I love listening to books rather than reading them sometimes, and can be used on the go, when out and about.

I have quite a few books in my library which were free because when you join you get a free credit each month.

This book is about Sell or be Sold, How to get your way in Business and in life by Grand Cardone, who also has a website and Youtube channel. Here are the links below:

It talks about how you can start or run a business with little capital, it is all about being ahead of your game and not competing but taking control of your own business that will become big and stand out from the rest.

It is also about attitude, and if you are a negative person, then the chances are you will always be negative and will stop you from being a success.

Also, he talks about people who are control freaks, and that in some way we all are, that is how we take control of our kids, taking control of our jobs and life in general.

He talks about how when he first met his wife, how she was not interested in him at all and he couldn’t figure out why, and then through a friend who put a good word in for him, he began to go out of his way to try and get her attention, to eventually going out with her.

It is all about perseverance which I talk a lot about too, as with being a parent and creating blogs and books, it is the same thing.

I love this book and would definitely listen to it again and would like to read more of his books as he is so inspirational and straight to the point.

So go and check it out and if you have a book you would like to recommend to me then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


Conquering your fears



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Free Frightened Person Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...When it comes to looking after ourselves and becoming a success we often have to face our fears, however much we try to avoid them.

I felt I conquered a fear today, taking my son to school as I get so anxious about the gaps between trains and the platform, as some of them are quite big, and I saw a little girl fall down the gap between the train and platform once, and has made fearful ever since.

However today I had to do it. Its isn’t about me necessarily but my son, because he is still young it frightens me, so I tend to lift him off and on the train.

The other things I fear going on the topic of travel is missing my stop, I get so worried about it. I have no idea why as I have done plenty of journeys where I haven’t done this, but whenever I get on a train or bus that fear is there, but I face it and deal with it.

Fear isn’t something we should be scared of, as it is there to help protect us, nevertheless it can cause us to imagine the worst case scenario a lot of the time and then we can do the thing of talking ourselves out of it, but when you do face the fear with no harm caused we can feel heroic.

When Henry was little I used to get worried about him falling down escalators as he did last year before Christmas and had to be taken to A and E, because he fell.

Sometimes we have to face our fears to get to the next stage in our lives, however daunting it can be, but just face them and write down how you will deal with such hurdles should they occur to help you to the road to success.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X