Celebrating Women


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As it was International Women’s Day, I would like to celebrate being a woman as we have many talents. We can wear our hearts on our sleeve and being like jugglers, with so much we are trying to achieve and do. We can give birth and build another human inside of us, and look like a princess when we want to.

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For example my mum, is an incredible woman who works at my old Secondary school, so I was never allowed to get away with anything, but she does so much for other people, that at times forgets about herself.

The one woman I was inspired by as a child was Oprah Winfrey, how she was so up front and honest about the battles with her weight, and interviewing and covering topics that included real people, not always a celebrity on her show.

My ultimate idol, and who I would love to look like if I could is Jennifer Aniston, I loved her Character in friends, how she was bought up being spoiled and then decided to go out there and defend for herself, and get her own job to earn her own money.

She has made some good films, my favourite being Picture Perfect and Along Came Polly.

I love Ellen I think her comedy show was brilliant and how she came out as a confident Lesbian woman, who used comedy as a way to help other people, and I think her chat show is brilliant too. She faced many demons as a child, but came through as a fantastic woman.

The Queen, who has not always been the peoples favourite, but who many respect and she’s had to gain that. She has bought a new generation of Royals through like Harry and William who have amazing woman beside them, and to help them lead the way.

Being woman we should stand together and not try to compete with one another which I have witnessed at times, and be friends. It can be tough being a woman with so many emotions going through our minds, that we can have a constant battle with ourselves.

So do something special for yourself as a woman, and remember you are all truly special.

Who inspires you being a woman I would love to hear, please leave a comment below and remember to subscribe should you want to read more of my blogs and be kept up to date and follow me on WordPress.com

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

How to set goals and actually achieve them


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I am forever setting goals and love to promote others who love to do the same.

Setting goals helps me remain focused and determined to set out to achieve them even if it is one at a time.

Check this video by Emily Norris who shares her tips on how to set goals and actually achieve them.

Seven Secret Success Hacks for New year resolutions and goals


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Have you set your goals for this year yet?

It’s never too late to set them and putting at least 2 to 3 goals down is a start.

Check this video below sharing 7 Secret Success Hacks for New Year Resolutions and goals.

Goals of Successful People


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Check out this article on Bloglovin, of 4 successful Women who share their goals for 2019.


My goals for 2019 are to get fitter by walking a lot and training at home, have more savings and to pay off any debts I have.

I set goals on a daily basis, it what keeps me going.

Goal Setting Printable


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Please check out my website:


If you have read my blogs on this site you know I love to set goals and doing this daily really helps.

Check out my post I wrote about Goal Setting it really important to me and helps me stay on track.

Let me know if you have used the printables and what goals you love to set yourself each day.

Dealing with Stress


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Do you ever get stressed? I know I do, every morning when I have to take my son to school, I have a battle in my head, and thinking the worst all the time.

I wish I could go a day without feeling stressed, as much as I try to cover it over, I feel it rising in my stomach and I was shaking this morning as I was making my way to take my son to school.

I came across this article on Realbuzz, talking about top 10 causes of stress, and they are all very true.


To help stop the stress, I try and take my time. I always leave plenty of time so there is no rushing anyway, but it does help, I couldn’t bare it if I had to rush.

When I thought I was late a couple of weeks ago, when I had a job interview I convinced myself that I was late, and got so worked up that I almost gave up, until some nice man who was working as security officer at another building saw that I was lost and came to my rescue.

It turned out that I wasn’t late after all and interview went well. It taught me a lesson, learn to trust myself and worst thing of being late didn’t happen it was all in my head.

I feel at times it can be easy to stress about things, and following Mel Robbins rule of counting to 5 seconds, really can help and so can breathing in and out again. Going for a walk just me for 10 to 20 minutes can be a relief to the mind and body too.

I take tablets for my anxiety and they do help, but it doesn’t mean that they are stress busters, they just help keep me sane and not going mad out of skull, because of my anxiety.

Talking to my mum about it today, she said to remember that it is only for 20 minutes or so just keep that in mind. Stress can be caused by a number of things and it can really feel like we are falling apart, but remembering it is only for a short while can help reduce the anxiety and do breath once the stressful thing you fear has come to an end.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X