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Hello and welcome to another blog on Everyone Can build a castle. First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to those who are now following my blog it means so much to me, I couldn’t have gotten through the lockdown without you.

Now we have some normality, some kids in the UK have now returned to school, it is time to get ahead of yourself . I am going to spend time to batch blog tonight so I have plenty to post this week we still have upon us.

There is still so much I want to share that I want to make sure I get it out by the end of the week.

  • My first tip to get ahead of yourself, is to do anything you can do the night before even if you spent 10-15 minutes on something, if it sets you up ready for the next day do it.
  • Prioritize and separate your to do list, this helps to break your tasks down and not see too much. The bigger the list the less we get down, the smaller the list the more chance you have of getting it done.
  • Add to your schedule a 5 to 30 minute tea break and use this to catch up on TV or Youtube or listen to an audio book or practice mindfulness.
  • Use the extra time you have in the morning to do some cleaning rather leaving it to when you get back from the school run. I find the less I have to do during the time my son is at school in terms of housework or getting myself ready for the day, as I don’t enjoy it, the more I can focus on the work I do enjoy such as my writing.
  • Spend 10-30 minutes pottering around starting from the top to bottom or bottom to top and just go around making the beds, cleaning an area, putting a load of washing on or washing up, just to have a break from the computer and straighten out the home without little effort
  • Spend travelling time to practice being in the now rather than hiding face away on your phone and take in your surroundings. We can get so buried in our phones and laptops that we rarely breath and take in our environment, so spend some time doing this as this stops your head getting over loaded.
  • Write down each task you complete so you can get to see how much you can truly get done in a day and week. You will be surprised with yourself of how much you can complete when you set your mind to it.

So lets make the most of the free time we have now, that our children are back to school, and stay safe.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X