The Art of keeping a journal


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My Happy Journal

The art of keeping a journal is basically to brain dump all your thoughts onto paper whether negative or positive. It just helps clear the mind, and set a side time for yourself to be with your thoughts for a bit.

I created a cheat sheet, to help those who are new to writing a journal, what to write about.

I keep many journals, one that I share all my happy thoughts and moments in my life and one for my negative most private thoughts. They are all kept in a safe place.

You don’t have to do that, I would suggest to keeping with one for the time being until you get used to it. You can look at Pinterest for ideas aswell.

This is where I build up content for my blogs, being creative can help and make it your own.

So if you want to enjoy the art of keeping a journal and brain dumping your thoughts then why not start now.

It can help put those thoughts in a different perspective.

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How to manage feelings of being overwhelmed

How to manage feelings of being overwhelmed can be a hard task as we keep piling more items on our to do lists and being wanted in many different places at once, it just can feel endless.

My first tip is to take some time out for yourself and do some self care, this can be journalling, taking a hot bath, going for a walk or exercising for 5 to 10 minutes each day. Self care means looking after yourself, and if you have kids that is even more important to take some time out for yourself.

Second tip is to be more productive, check out my blog about ten hacks of being more productive, and set a side time for each item on your list, and be realistic as to what you can achieve in the time you have.

Delegate, if there is something for example my husband can do, then I let him, like he will vacuum whilst I go round and dust, he will pop to the shops whilst I am working, life can be a juggling act and why not share the responsibility if there is two of you.

Take time out, and do something other than work, sometimes it can feel like we are glued to our computers, rather than reading a book or watching TV. You are allowed that time, rather than working all the time.

Practice mindfulness, can really help and can help concentrate on what is around us and take in our environment for two to three seconds. That is all it takes.

So next time you feel overwhelmed listen to your mind, if it needs a break take one, everyone needs to be able to recharge their batteries including humans.

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10 Hacks to being more productive

If there was a pill that would make us naturally more productive, rather than sitting on the couch all the time, would you take it?

Of course we would, so how do you become more productive?

Here is Ten hacks to being more productive.

  1. Make your bed. Sounds simple, but it can be so easy to slip back in, if it is still all over the place, so make it as soon as you get up
  2. Write a to do list the night before and circle the items that need to be done first
  3. If you have tasks that take 2 minutes do them straight away
  4. Brush your teeth, no one likes a gammy mouth, and I hate talking to people knowing I have bad breath, so brushing your teeth helps you feel better about yourself and sets up the day
  5. Block time out to do things, so if you have ten minutes spare then mark it down, and then if you want to chill for that ten minutes before you continue your day then do so. Use Google Calendar as you can set alerts on your phones, helps keep track on tasks
  6. Listen to an audio book whilst you doing errands. I love doing this when doing some cleaning for examples, makes it seem less of a chore
  7. Learn to say “No” there is nothing worse than double booking yourself, so if you can’t make that party or that event say so, don’t leave people hanging, you wouldn’t like it, so neither will they
  8. Restrict your social media usage through out the day, as this can easily cause us to waste time, unless we are using it to promote our work if you to run a website, a blog or have a Youtube channel
  9. Set days a side to update your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest account, I do and it helps make sure I don’t spend to long on each task
  10. Schedule time to check your emails, or do this whilst travelling on a bus or train some where, can help speed up the travel time.

So I hope you found this hacks useful and if you have any hacks then let me know by filling in the comment section below or filling in the form below.

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Managing Mental Health

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As it is coming up to Mental Health month I thought I would speak out, as I too have suffered with mental illness wanted to share how I manage my Mental Health.

It has taken over my life in some cases, to point I needed to be taken to the hospital. Too much was going on in my life, I was in debt, recovering from Post natal Depression, which I was to scared to speak out about, and I felt like I wasn’t happy with myself.

I expect there are people out there who don’t understand about Mental Health and how it can effect people, but it is like your mind taking over your body, not in a good way, and listening to the inner critic all the time.

The one that tells you, your fat and ugly, the one that tells you that life is so terrible and that everyone is better off without you.

All you want to do to that inner critic is shout SHUT THE F**K UP.

You feel like you are falling down a hole that you can’t get out of, as much as you try. There are still days where I get so depressed or my anxiety gets the better of me, that I don’t want to do anything, and it can take over my whole wellbeing.

The constant battle I have had with myself still continues, but I have learned through developing good habits and changing my life around of how to overcome and control my mental health, but it can take a lot of work.

You have to be patient and learn to breath. Mindfulness can really help and makes you look around you, take in your surroundings and just listen to your breathing.

No you don’t have to sit on the floor with your legs crossed, you can practice mindfulness anywhere, check the book Mindfulness On the Go.

If you are sick of seeing the same four walls then get out of there and see something new.

Speak to that friend you have been meaning to contact for ages

Take yourself out of your comfort zone even if it is for 5 seconds, and count 5, 4. 3. 2, 1

Check out my blog about Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule

Be willing to make that change and do it gradually, taking as much time as you need.

Let’s support each other, as creating a good foundation is important, check out my blog about Creating a Foundation.

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People I no longer see


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There have been many people I know longer see, not because we have fallen out, but as people we can often drift apart, as we get older and we continue to meet different people in our lives.

Without people we no longer see we wouldn’t have met the new people in our lives, as humans we are forever growing, and we learn from others.

Whether it be from other people’s mistakes or how they have become so successful in their life.

I wrote a piece a while ago about creating a foundation in our life, and how it so important, because we need those who help pick us up when we’re down.

However what about the people we no longer see? Well there is the wonders now of Social Media and I have rediscovered those friendships with some of those people through Instagram and Facebook, and it is good to see how much their life has changed developed too.

People evolve through time, and it sad to find out from others that those people we no longer see have passed away, but sadly that is life. People come and go, but the memories is what lasts forever.

I can look back and think about those people I know longer see with a smile, as I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my life without them.

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5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins


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So I did a book review on this concept this comes from on my website,

If you haven’t heard of Mel Robbins, then it is about time you did, because her philosophy and concept on the 5 Second Rule is brilliant.

Basically you can use it when you feel anxious which I often do, and for when you want to procrastinate, but you know you have to get on with something, and she talks in great details about that, that it is okay to procrastinate sometimes as there are different types, but to make your life more productive.

You can use it for when you keep hitting that snooze button, it is just is brilliant, and really does work.

I find I am without thinking now, getting more stuff done.

So if you not checked out the 5 Second Rule, it’s worth checking it out.

Life is about succeeding into what ever it is you want to achieve, with a little help along the way, and I believe this will help you.

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Journal Cheat Sheet



Part of my growth of being the person I am today, as stemmed from one thing I do on a regular basis, and that is to journal.

I have created a cheat sheet, if you not written a journal before this will help give you ideas of what to write about.

Journal Cheat Sheet

I love to keep a journal of the good things that happen in my life aswell as the negative, and writing it down really helps gain perspective on things.

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Building Success in your life


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If there was a pill we could take that would make us successful we would take it, but success means something different for each person so it would be difficult to prescribe.

Success to me, means achieving your goals and aiming for higher things each day. I recently published a new book on Amazon called The Peabody Years and for me that has been a success because I now have my fifth book now published.

If you aim for bigger and better things in life then I believe you will get it, but it does take commitment, dedication and determination.

I this weekend went to a birthday party and for me it is out of my comfort zone because I do struggle with social anxiety, but I had a brilliant time, for me that was a success, no arguments a small hiccup, but everyone enjoyed themselves, it was a successful night.

So building success in life is about the small things aswell as the bigger things in your life, that’s what makes life so special. We build success in our life in our own right.

Next time you see someone talk about success remember its their own interpretation and not the same for everyone and look at your life I bet you have had success, just not always able to see it like that, but it is there and we have all at some point had success.

We all can be successful, you don’t need a silver spoon you just need to have the right attitude and outlook and it will happen.

So what does success mean to you?

I would love to hear from you.

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How to Wake Up Feeling fresh


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Check out this video below by Erin May Henry.

Its always good to create new habits that wake you up in the morning.

There’s nothing worse when you wake up and you feel groggy, and this video really gives some good tips on how to feel fresh in the mornings.

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Finding the right motivation


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Image result for work load juggling act

So today I found it hard, in fact all week I have found it hard to motivate myself to get some work done.

Juggling a busy lifestyle with parenting can take its toll and when you have so much to do, it can get overwhelming and makes me want to hide away not get anything done, but I know I have to.

So what do I do to get myself out of it, I will firstly get my arse out of bed, and then go make a coffee and then think right lets get some work done, and I will.

I take it one step at a time and gradually get myself do at least one chore, such as make my son’s bed and tidy his room up, I will then work on the computer for half and hour to an hour, and once I have completed my work, I do feel more productive and I haven’t wasted the whole day.

However getting motivated I find to be the hardest bit, and I came across this video about what to do when you feel unmotivated by Muchelleb

Video by Muchelleb

There are some real great tips. Motivate to me means get yourself geared up ready for the day, but lets face it we all at some point have days when we just can’t be bothered, and that is okay. Let those days pass, and if you want a lazy day then go for it, just catch up on the days you do feel motivated.

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