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Hello and welcome! So firstly if you have not been following my series of blogs for my programme “Project 2021” then please go to my Pinterest board which has all my recent videos and blogs, which has a lot of Life coaching tools and information. There is also new boards and sections I have created too, if you wanted to look at my other boards and pins.

So in this blog I am talking about How to not get bogged down but getting it done/Being super productive.

I firstly work with one notebook which is my main one and for me is a life saver. I did a video on one of my other sites which I write, on google and did a video about How I live in my notebook.

That is the first,

Tip 1# Find a system that makes scheduling your work simple and that can help you stick to it. I am creating a planner at the moment that I hope will help you, and will be for fello content creators.

Tip 2# If you have kids then separate your time, so when they are homeschooling give them tasks that they can do without supervision so you get work done, and spare an hour to help them and use the evenings to block time out to do your work.

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When I have my dinner or do my skincare of an evening I will use this time to watch a bit of TV on BBC iPlayer for example or watch a Youtube video, and it is great to just have that time and do a bit of reading a day. This is a new habit I am Implementing at the moment and it has helped me to read a bit of a book if it is only reading one or two pages. It just good to do things that help me wind down and in the morning wake me up.

Tip 3# Batch your work. So on some days I will pre-film a few videos or put together a batch of blog posts ready to go live. It can save a huge amount and then have a “Take it easier day” and have that time to catch up on reading or watching television. Or even some cooking or go for a walk if you have been cooped up within 4 walls all week.

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The other thing I try to do is the night before go through what I have done on that day and what else that needs completed, is there any overdue items not done? What is scheduled for the next day ahead?

Tip 4# Plan ahead on some days, but don’t over plan. Try to get what you still have left from the day before and then get todays list down, and make time for breaks.

Once I have my own home again, which is going to be soon in a few days it seems, I like to potter so I will be each day even though I don’t like cleaning I like to, just go around the home putting bits away, taking anything that needs to be put in a different room that hasn’t been put in its home and just go in each room, tidying and straightening out.

Tip 5# Set time to do this each day or twice a week. I find doing this helps the chaos that life can bring be stopped and get up to date with Home Projects.

So I hope these tips are helpful and I hope you have survived lockdown too, but waiting for it shift and be able to do more fun things again out of the home again.

Many thanks for reading, ‘

Carrie L.M X

P.S: Please check out my Youtube channel, as I have today uploaded a few new videos including my weekend chat video: