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So in this blog post I am going to be talking about Toxic people and it can be contagious. Well bascially they are those who feel that they are unworthy if they don’t stamp their authority and try to control every aspect of your life and they make days a challenge because you find that you get driven in a power struggle, and start to score points over them, which they do to you.

“Their headache is worser than yours”

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They begin to nip pick over everything you do, and this is a form of abuse and bullying, and then you end up having to answer for everything you say and do. They drain you out of happiness and energy because they want you to have a bad day, because they are and don’t like anything you do that makes you happy.

This can then turn on you as you begin to lose faith in people and become angry and resentful yourself. They can make you hate the world and not want to get out of bed, and make you into being like them and not who you are. Feeling like you have lost your identity can summon up toxic people and they will use even going on holiday seem like the worst thing in the world and feel as if it is hard work.

“You can never seem to get a break”

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They will often guilt trip you and use emotional blackmail, and even when you try to agree with them they hold that against you, and you end up feeling like its just best to let them waggle on and don’t allow them to victimise you as this is a trait of a toxic person and you find that you have inner strength that they don’t, being the better person by standing your ground, and it is in fact a sign of weakness on their behalf, not yours.

I find that they are people who worry so much about time, and be the ones you end up leaving things to the last minute, and then they use that to attack you. Often they want you to hit them to justify their toxic behaviour and so I have learned since I was a kid to switch off, and you can do this too, just find a quiet place even if it is locking yourself in the bathroom, putting some chill out music and taking a bath.

“Noone should be bogged down because of someone elses stress”

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They use their behaviour to twist and turn everything you do and say, and if you have #mentalhealth issue, they will often use this as amunition to get at you, and you can have them arrested for Victimisation on this subject and now noone is allowed to challenge you if you have a mental health issue, but then they can use this to get at you because they are that toxic they use mental health as an attacking mechanism, and they can also control you so much that they end up imprisoning you because they are frightened of you having a better life, because they blame you because they haven’t and will never be, because they use their Toxic personality to be selfish and resentful of everyone around you and drain you of being a entraupner.

“They don’t like seeing people be successful and want everyone to drown in a puddle of uncarelessness”.

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So if you are surrounded with these kinds of people then,

  • Fight back
  • Call for help
  • Report

Noone should be drive by these types of people and be happy. Everyone deserves the life they love and not have that destroyed.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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