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So in this post I am talking about Extreme Youtubing, and the extent that People will go to, to create content and I came across a video about How to put on your Video and Skype Call face on. This is after a I did a video about not exploiting or trying to out do someone and showing your body to the world and people getting the wrong idea of things.

Please watch this video:

Most of the time when we are video or skype calling in our own homes, its with our mates and I don’t see someone saying “Don’t call me via Video or Skype, I want you to put your video and Skype call face on first”.

If someone had ever said that to me I would not call them fall stop, and leave them to chat with themselves. I think that this shows how many people worry about appearances too much, as that is not important. I would not stop talking to someone because they have decided to have a no make up day.

I suppose you are wondering why this has any relevance to Life Coaching, well basically when we feel we are’t having a fulfilled life we can blame ourselves because of the way we look and feel ashamed of ourselves.

Let me tell you from someone who doesn’t always like to look in the mirror, appearances are not important but being human is and as long as you show love and compation then appearance is at the bottom of the list and its your personality that will shine through.

So Look after yourself, be true, be strong and never allow anyone stop you for wanting a better and happier life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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