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Hello this blog post is talking about Exploitation and copying and is part of my Life Coaching Programme “Project 2021”.

This post includes a video, where by I address obsessive Copying and Exploitation, because there are people who will steal people’s work to have for themselves and is an insult and disrespect to the person who has made the time and effort to create that work and so why do that? Please watch this video:

I love being inspired and it is good to see how other people do things and is how I got into blogging, but I believe in creating your own stamp on things, and making it yours. I have created this programme to help people to have a better life and one area I want to address is those who copy others, because they can’t be original and do their own work. There are those who exploit themselves by filming themselves naked and showing their body parts to try and score points over someone thinking it is going to get them more noticed.

Let me say, this does not and it is making you look obscene and downright disgusting and let’s face it, would you want to see a mans bits or a womens bits when eating your steak and chips, settling down to watch some Youtube? No.

So be real, be true and make your work your own.

Many thanks you reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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