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So as part of my Project 2021, which is a Life Coaching Programme I am putting together to help you my readers of my blog post try to have a better year than last and with that I want to put up a lot of Slogans too, and here I show a Slogan on one of my jumpers from Amazon, which Says “Be Kind” and is featured in my first Project 2021 video.

This first Youtube Video dedicated to this programme Project 2021 is about using Laughter to help make you feel better about passed issues and events, and can help you feel better about the things that once bothered you. Laughter is a great source of medicine to being more happy about life.

I will be adding this footage to the Online Course I want to do too, dedicated to this Life Coaching Programme, and I have linked my first blog on this site about 2021, below, so go ahead and see the link which includes the link to my dedicated Facebook Group too.


Please read this article that came up on my Laptop today about a kid who tried to con the Tooth fairy:

Being able to laugh at situations can really help you through the days and weeks, and when I have days where I feel a bit down, I try to find items that will make me laugh and feel better.

It is a great source of happiness and those endorphins aren’t to be missed but taken advantage of, and you will soon be happier about things that have taken place in your life, which at first seemed to be the hardest moments; I find writing items in my books that I found humorious to be a great way to do that, as well as sad times, and sometimes writing sad stories you can still add a comical stamp on it.

So keep going, stay strong and never give up believing.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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