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Hello and welcome! First of all thank you for all your lovely comments on my posts and for following me on this site and getting me to 100 followers. It really does mean the world to me, and helped me get through 2020.

I feel in some way I should make a speech, but as I am a rambler a lot, I won’t spare you the pain.

So it is 2021 a New Year:

I have come up with a new programme called PROJECT 2021, which will include,

  • Goals
  • Habits
  • Targets
  • Prioritizing
  • Building
  • Creating
  • Learning

To do all these things you need to paint the picture. Now I am no Vanguff, in fact far from it, but nevertheless, when I set a goal I also create the picture, and map out the things I wish to accomplish whether it be writing a new book or try a different type of exercise routine, I map it out.

I suppose you can say that it is a form of brainstorming, and the one method you can do is like a road map and marking out each milestone you achieve as you continue on the road, to reach the ultimate target, and goals should have an end result.

To get much more out of a New Year, you should always prioritse, as the other important thing, which I talk a lot about on this site and will be getting you to focus on a lot, is having down time. Time where you stop work and you schedule in time to play with the kids and have a family meal together. That is just two examples.

I have been guilty in working all through the days and weeks, because I get so ingrosed in my work that often I forget to do this too. It should be top priority aswell as the work you need to get done or exercising for example.

Life is about making the most of the time and days, as much as possible, and that is not putting 25 things down for a day, but keep to a minimal list, so you have a purpose and a goal each day, and doing the things you love aswell as the things you have to do.

Here is my Pinterest board with some material I have pinned that will help you get involved in Project 2021, as I have added some articles and pins, with many Life Coaching tools, and more will be added as I continue to help you grow this year, like never before.

So to begin please join my facebook group and follow my Pinterest page above, and you will have full access to these materials, and there will be an online course created for this programme, with Youtube Video Content and some EBooks too.

Please check out my Facebook Group page which you can join and be part of my Project 2021, here is the link below:


Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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