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So are you stuck on how to move on from your life due to a set back?

30 Behaviors of Unstoppable People | Inc.com

Being human we often buckle under pressure and yeah me too, so if you need to take a break you are still being unstoppable because taking breaks is part of our growth. It also means that you have done enough to have time off and that was me today. I spent a whole morning and yesterday looking after my son and had a good old fashion muck about and it did mean getting up early still but advantage I got to watch some TV as I don’t often get the chance.

Self care and doing other tasks like looking for jobs in mental health, go through emails and check feedback on my blogs, as it is good to see your kindness in you liking my blogs, time and to see you my audience reactions to my posts. It means the world to me and makes me unstoppable..

To get yourself on track take a step back and go through how you are feeling and what is making you stop and feel unsure. What is causing you to feel stuck? and go through what you have done each day to see what has triggered you to step back.

Knowing the triggers you will learn to have more resillance to them and will help you overcome them. Example if you want to do a run like never before but you struggle getting out of the door to start, something is causing a fear and it could be not being able to go to far.Break iot down. I would train one day a week and then I created into something to enjoy and I would go for a run every Sunday and so don’t massive goals list and try out some motivation videos to help.

Change the pattern of how you see running. Perhaps it is the rain, moving to a new area that you worry you may get lost. Preplan the route and just to one road at the time or one lap around a local park. Winter have two layers as you will warm up as you run and doing some exercisses before hand can boost your energy in going for a run.

Think about building blocks and monitor yourself and when in a Mentalhealth hospital they would do a reflection each Friday to go over how we have each of us being a patient been, and what could the staff do to make us feel better. Reflecting is a great way to stay on track because often we see it differently if we take a look back.

Take time in going over the year you have had so far and what do youn avoid a lot. For me it is I know I am going to need a dentist appoinment and a new eye test but I see these as a burden so I am going to see if I can set a date to get these done.

Avoidance can often put more pressure on your shoulders. So perhaps I can, with the above appointments delegate this in someway. If someone else books it then I am more likely to go.

Create new patterns in your life so you can be unstoppable.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie X