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This is something that I want to do to help people with their Personal Development if they are having a bad time at work, in many industries and how they can build their confidence, and those who have lost confidence.

If you don’t feel good about yourself then that can project onto other people, and so it is important you learn who you are and to love yourself.

Tip#1: Give yourself credit. Go through the days and how you like to spend your days

Tip#”: Now lockdown has cleared, it is time to socialise again with friends and family physically, so start arranging meet ups so you can have a good catch up and the same with seeing relatives you haven’t seen since Lockdown

It is good to restore relationships that are good and not take them for granted, as Lockdown can always come back and then it may be too late.

Tip#3: Make the most of your current situation, and use the tools you have to embrace life and be thankful for what you currently have. For me I am grateful I have legs and feet to enjoy walking and getting regular exercise, I am grateful for my son and my mum, and all my family I have.

Tip#4: Give yourself a break. Stop criticising yourself and always be looking to learn about yourself and go through what you have accomplished so far, and that you want to accomplish in the future.

Tip#5: Always have a plan of where you would like things to go and how you can continue to build success and happiness into your life.

So what tips do you have. Please do give me feedback and thank you so much for the likes and follows I have received. I am very grateful.

Even it reaches to one person, I know people are being helped via my blogs.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X