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So, I have been filming some Day in a life videos and talk about my work that I do in terms of writing books, blogs and filming Youtube videos, and that includes my 10 Weekly Habits that help me Establish a good routine.

I have a new book written and published so check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096TJDGPH

Preview into my tidy work desk

You have to have a routine that disciplines you in mind and physically.

So, the first habit I do is:

  1. Plan the night before and on Fridays plan for the weekend
  2. Go through my notebooks of content I haven’t posted, that can be made into a blog or a video for my Youtube channel
  3. Spend my time after writing my books and blog posts throughout the day in the morning to spend sometime writing in my journals
  4. I now go walking twice a day and fit in a 6 minute workout on some days
  5. Spend time even though I find Cleaning tideous still have that time to tidy, as it does help to reset yourself
  6. Do some research, by watching other Youtube channels, reading and time listening to an audiobook and watching some TV and replenish my thirst and eat my breakfasts, lunch and dinner away from the computer
  7. Go through my emails and clean out my email accounts
  8. Have no live blogs going up on Sundays
  9. No Day in a life videos on Thursdays and often Mondays too
  10. Checking and updating my social media pages

It seems a lot but it works, and yes I do mix it up too. As I love the film “Groundhog day” but to keep from becoming bored and continously inspired by what is around me.

So what habits do you do weekly? Please comment below.

Many thanks,

Carrie X