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Hello and welcome! If you have not been following me then I am doing a series of Blogposts and Youtube videos that have Life coaching tips and information and on topics that can effect and that we need to address, to help ourselves move forward to have a better life.

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Here is a playlist I have created on Youtube of my Life Coaching videos, and more will be added soon:

Life Coaching Playlist

So this blog I am talking about How Love can save the day, because love is something that grows within you because it is a natural human instinct, and when someone is down and you don’t pass judgement or have an opinion and listen to them, that is love and means the world to a child or an adult.

We all at some point need reassurance, and just knowing that there is someone out there who loves you, is a great comfort and should be what you should try to focus on if you are having a bad time. I did a video which will be going live on Youtube on Tuesday, and it is about How to deal with events in our lives that are out of our control and if you know someone who is going through that at the moment, just send them a message to say “I just want you to know I love you and here” and those words will mean a million to them.

There are many different types of love and that is the beauty of it. You do get people who abuse it and they are the ones who use it because to them it is just a word. To me it means connection and a feeling that can be empowering and help drive us forward.

I was told by those I know who abuse it, that True Love doesn’t exist. Well funny that because yeah it does and I have found it, and it is the most comforting feeling one can ever have.

If we loved more than more hate would disappear and we would all feel more fulfilled and that we are all here for a reason. So stay strong, stay true and always know that love can conquer all.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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