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Arguing Couple Clipart

It has been a testing year so far one that I am not sure I want to remember. I have met someone new and I love them with all my heart but I am going through a marriage break up, which is still tough.

Love is a strange feeling, it can give you so much joy or sadness and I feel now that sometimes due to betrayal that some love can never be fixed and put back together again.

Life after marriage is like being on a rollercoaster that you struggle to get off, and feel like as soon as I feel everything is okay that it crashes before I know it.

So the first tip I would give, is to,

  • Create a new beginning. So change your mindset and see it as it time to end that chapter of your life and time to start a new one.
  • Let it all out, I am a believer that sometimes crying is the great healer and helps get your emotions and feelings out of your system.
  • Keep a journal. I love to journal and is a great way to gain perspective.
  • Form new relationships. Being with someone who is negative can bring you down and can make other people unhappy. Build new ones and stick with them.
  • Be aware of your feelings, as they do change and if you feel you no longer love someone that is time to call it a day.
  • Stop feeling guilty. No one likes a break up but if it isn’t working it is a signal that you need to move on, so forget the guilt and move on.
  • Find the courage to rebuild your life and remember to breath.
  • Speak to someone who can give you support in this troubled time and listens without giving an opinion.
  • Take care of your health and wellbeing. In a marriage break up it is important that you look after yourself rather than other people just yet. You need gain perspective listen to your feelings and be strong
  • Don’t use your children to point score or as a weapon. It isn’t their fault and should be listened to if they are upset

Divorce affects many people, but you have to get to know yourself again, because often when we get married and have kids we can lose our identity.

I have created a cheat sheet with the following tips above, which I hope you will find useful as you can print off to remind yourself.


You have to fight and stick up for yourself and be true. I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I am here to support you 100% percent.

Lets come to together to become a success.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X