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Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life - Inquiry Institute

Hello and welcome to another blogpost. Thank you for following me so far and reading my blogs it is truly amazing to see you all enjoying my content.

In this blog I am talking about Changing your Mindset, from feeling low to feeling good about yourself and your life.

Yes I know, we all still in Lockdown, but doesn’t mean we have to use this time to be bored shitless, use the time wisely and do extra self care like putting your make up on, take that steaming hot bath, paint your nails etc

We seem to often be fixated on helping and looking others that we forget about ourselves.

So change your mindset about being bored and write down everything that you could be doing to help you have productive day.

  • I have been using this time to really focus on my writing ideas.
  • Use this time to exercise and do some fitness training.
  • Catch up on some TV, because I haven’t sat down and watched TV the last two weeks or so
  • Use this time to save money and be up to date with my bills
  • Do some gardening
  • Have the kids tidy up around the house because now is a good time to get out the reward charts for every time they complete a task
  • Do some baking and make your own bread or cakes, etc
  • Have a good sort out of your stuff ready for disposing, selling or going to donate to a charity shop
  • Have a date night in, so still dress up, put some romantic music on, have a dance and a bite to eat, then why not end it with watching a good film or two

Successful people never allow themselves to be stuck in a rut and have plenty to do.

So lets get busy and keep safe.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X