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So if you have dreams and ambitions then it is time to take action, but yourself belief has to be good because what you project you will receive back and so what is causing you to not believe in yourself? What is your self belief saying to you?

Keeping a journal and writing notes on how you feel about yourself can help and where did these feelings stem from?

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I have never been seen as clever or artistic, and school played a huge part in it. I remember when I did a school play a lot of the pupils at the school said how pretty I looked with make up on and so thought “Oh so I am not pretty without make up?” and it did make me feel sad, and then I was told by another girl when I was at secondary school that I am basically boring, because of keeping on about The Bill which was one of my favourite programmes on TV, but then she became a fan, and I didn’t resentful of shout, and respected her honesty and so I did stop, and it never became a slagging match but she would cause arguments so not sure of her true intentions but looking back I could be annoying and I could have been defensive but I wasn’t. I was not cool about it after school but now when thinking about it feel differently and I took it on board of what she was saying, and yes I could get on people’s nerves and it takes a lot to speak up and say it, so I stopped and didn’t see it as a personal attack, which could have happened but that she was being true and we still remained friends and still hung out, so I respected her for talking with me and talked it through rather then it lead to a disagreement.

Dwelling has played a huge part, and I think about what I could have done, when thinking about those events at school mentioned above, and thought perhaps I should have punched her on the nose but what good would that had done? I would have gotten detention and suspended so it wouldn’t have been worth it to lash out, instead I took it on the chin, and we carried on being friends as said, and she wasn’t saying she hated me and that we should stop being friends but was calm and I understood.

If they are being rude to you and just being spiteful, then rise above it and it tends to not be about you, but about them. Noone is your dictator but yourself and this doesn’t mean being ignorant and not listening to others but if they are vicious to you because in fact it can be their own insecurity that is talking and not actually you, is to say something like “Okay I heard you and thank you for your honesty and how you feel and will take your comments on board and will stop doing, I am sorry it annoyed you”.

In order to build our belief with our self we need to listen to others and when they compliment you never throw it back into their face, and use it to build your mindset of seeing that you are an amazing person with a good heart and mind, and good that people look up to you, because people do, and when someone wanted to join me when I began to do running or walking for charity, it really made me feel amazing and rewarding.

I have accomplished a lot in my life now at the age of 44 and there is still more I want to achieve, but I have had to do some work on my mental health and self belief. I have had to stop being afraid and take risks and learned from my mistakes and get rid of scars and keep moving forward.

I never thought I would run a half marathon but I have and it was tough and I was done by the 5th mile but I kept on going and struggled to walk the next day but still did it and felt so amazing and surprised in what my body can do. I carried a child in my tummy, I inspired others in doing my runs and walks to fundraise as said, and made a difference in peoples lives.

When I see ticks on my lists is an accomplishment and another step for me to grow and learn and continue to build my knowledge and understanding of life and where I want to go, and where I want them to lead to..I want to get back into doing charity walks and runs, and so I try to do some walking each day and when my son goes out on his scooter will run. I want to finish my next book, so been doing a bit of writing each day, and I want to help my son with his learning so will make it a must on a Sunday for him to do his homework and do some extra learning when at home, by playing different games and want to set a good example for my son, as he has helped me to grow and get to grips with my life, and self belief.

Stop being resentful I wrote a blog check out for this section of my life coaching programme called Life Coaching Programme Summer Project 2023 Forever Growing: Learning to control my Thoughts and Actions That will only soul destroy but make their accomplishments a way to build yours as if they can do it then so can you.

Sometimes we have to learn to lead others and felt I did that when it came to doing dancing, which I did until I was 16 and looking for work when I left school and then like I say go into to running and walking to raise money for charity. I did football coaching which was a dream I had and enjoyed it and would like to do that again as it was rewarding and then worked at a holiday camp which is something I wanted to do as a kid and I feel proud in myself in that I did that and as said there is still so much I want to do and to do that I have to have self belief, and so do you.

So lets build up our lives to help build others lives too and believe in conquering your dreams.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X