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So if you are new here on this blog site then I have been doing monthly challenges. January was no spend, February was finding good deals, March was to declutter and April was trying to finish my book I am writing and see if I can at least my first draft done but that didn’t happen.

It has made me see which areas I need to change so I can get the first draft written quicker. It isn’t about racing through it but spending time plotting rather than just writing it up with no plan. I did make notes and plan as I write, but should have done this at the beginning.

I take on these challenges because it helps me to see how I use my time and if I do need to make further challenges to get parts of my life I need to take control of better.

I am at the moment doing my Life Coaching programme Summer Project for 2023 and so prep for me is key, and so I know I need to do this more with my books and not put it off. I love to write and create stories but I like to do it in chunks, and I write a blog called A Life as a writer and so if you’d like to visit this blog then here is a link to it: https://inalifeofawriter.blogspot.com/

Writing fulfills me like music does and always wanted to write a book, so when my son was born wrote my first one called The Parenting Adventures pregnancy to the first nine months and then wrote my first novel A Lonely Walk to Happiness and wrote some EBooks and then published my new one Mum&Me and for me it just is therapy and I love reading books.

My first self published novel

If you have dreams to write then start. I like writing comedy and books on real issues like A Lonely Walk to Happiness is based on a girl called Claire and she has a severe eating disorder and shuts herself away but then lives with her mums best friend, because her mum has a car accident yet her mum thinks that Claire is old enough to look after herself which is clear she can’t and ends up in hospital herself and hopes when she goes to university in Plymouth life and the way she feels about it will change.

This is not me selling this to you, but in case you were interested and if I can write a book so can you and why not try it yourself to see if you can complete a book in a month or just the first draft if you’d like to write a book. I have not set a challenge for May but will do more and will let you know when. If you’d like to see my videos and I have one more to go out then check out my main channel, check out link here: https://www.youtube.com/@typicallondongal

I hope this inspires you to challenge yourself and it can be whatever challenge you want to do, as long you know what you want the end result to be. Example for me so I complete another book to help talk about real issues. Like my book above is talking about Eating disorders and online bullying and help people who have experienced or going through these things and like Mum&Me to make people laugh and have a good read whilst on holiday having cocktail or at home, and having a bit of peace and something to make you chuckle.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie X