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Here I am it is Sunday and feel a little bad that I didn’t do my morning walk that I have been doing because I was lazy and so I wrote down in one of my notebooks of what I want my Sundays to look like, and so going to make sure that me and my son will have this time as it does feel so good and not allow my lazy part of mind set in, so I miss doing this again.

Photo by Zachary DeBottis on Pexels.com

It is up to me to do this not on anyone else. You have to take ownership of your life, to make changes and what you gonna do to build your dreams. I still had a good day, met my husband (m son’s dad) for a coffee and then did a bit of walking and so wasn’t completely lazy but we have such a good time together and we did some walking on Friday and played some rugby on Saturday, but I love my walks on Sunday.

When it is raining it can be tough but whenever the weather is good I like to go out for a walk and it really is refreshing and so what do you want your days to look like? Like Sunday’s. What can you do on Sunday that you can’t do in the week? I did have two lovely coffees this morning but next time I will take my coffee with me and get outdoors on a Sunday morning and explore.

It was even helping me with my running and don’t want to stop. I have got to grips in managing my life , but I want to create more good habits. I like feeling alive and ready for each day and I like doing my tidy in the mornings and catching up on a Sunday on my lists and set myself up for the week.

It is also is a day where I have a good dinner thanks to my step dad and have a home cooked meal, and now I want reshape my afternoons. I want to be productive and use them to exercise, by walking more and with the son, and walk through the parks and common near by. This will really help lower my travel costs each day and eat more sensibly and do some writing and drafting more blogs and videos to build my blogs and Youtube channel.

So it is up to me to take action and what I want my days to look like. It is the little things that makes a difference to me and use my time wisely and productively. I like my mornings and evenings, and when my son comes home from school, making his dinner and playing football, along with some dancing, as we do with the radio on do some dancing and just be active which I want to keep doing, but simple logical ways, that make me feel I have had a good day and moving forward to my dreams and ambitions.

I want to work outside as want to do more to make a difference and not feel I can’t because I don’t have the experience, as I was watching an interview and she talks about how she applied of a secretarial job and was wondering whether to apply for it because it said you need experience and got the job.

I have always been super ambitious and always had aspirations, and that has never changed. I have lived and I had always wanted to go on holiday during Christmas time and I did went first class to america and it was my last big holiday for a while and was a dream I had always wanted, and if I did that once I know that is something else I tick off my list.

You should never give up your dreams and what you do today can effect your life tomorrow.

We as humans can make a difference to the world and create so much. Only have to look at people like Bob Geldof who created Band Aid and King Charles who created The Princes trust helping young people have a better life and create amazing things for other people. I remembering a story in a magazine I used to read and she talked about how she was made redundant and didn’t know what to do, so she saw that the Princes trust did a Mentor’s programme and she helped a guy to find work and changed her life.

Youi never know whats on your doorstep but if you believe in yourself check my blog I wrote : Life Coaching Programme Summer Project 2023 Forever Growing: Developing your belief in yourself and what you can accomplish in your life

So if you have dreams and you want them to become real then go for it. Never allow your doubt stop you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X