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This blog hits on imposter syndrome where we feel we don’t deserve to be successful because we doubt what we are capable of and any failure feels such a big deal and feel that there are loads of people doing what you want to do already, and think “Who do you think you are?” “You can’t compete” and what chance you have in becoming successful too. Like music as I start this blog I am watching Eurovision Song contest, and really anyone can win it, but there are some many countries taking part and I bet some have thought they don’t stand a chance. This is from watching interviews of Bucks Fizz because watching many interviews they have all said that they didn’t think they’d win it, but they did.

This was when my mum and I did the Thames Path challenge completing 25KM and never thought I’d do that but I did.

When I first began to learn Ballroom dancing there was a girl called Claire and one other girl who were on their Gold, as when I first started I did my Bronze, then you did your Silver and Claire when I went to my first dancing presentation night, won the Cup for having the highest marks. I remember getting goosebumps and my heart pounding thinking could it be me, but I had only first started, then a girl name Lesley had won by one of the adults who had won before wanted the next person to win it and was Lesley who passed her exam, her Silver with flying colours and did hope it would be me one day, but didn’t think I’d ever win it.

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Often we can feel that we are punching above our weight and “Who would want to be interested in us?” and when we hear someone say something negative about us that can contribute to your feelings of not good enough. When I played football at my Secondary school I remember a girl saying I couldn’t even kick a ball and so I stop going. Yes should have taken no notice and carried on but didn’t, but learning from that I have become resilient to criticism and it makes me more determined to succeed and when running a football team I could see that many of my players confidence would be affected when playing in matches, because they make mistakes but this also showed me how much they really cared, and not being biased they were good and we did win many of the matches they played.

We all can a level of doubt its a human feeling but for me I see this now that it prepare’s me of what if it goes wrong and then visualise me succeeding too, and the question I ask myself reading many books by Paul McKenna is,”What if I was unstoppable and visualise that” and it has helped, and listening to Mel Robbins, who wrote about the 5 second rule, who asks the same thing. What do you picture? looking at this person how is she standing? is she smiling? what is she wearing?

Create a plan. I always brainstorm, I will write a list of each project and goals I want to achieve and this really helps me a lot.

When we put our mind to it we can achieve so much. It is perseverance which is a word I have used a lot but it is and any setbacks address them and learn from them. We all meet bumps in the road, but it is our actions that speak louder than words and make a difference.

Si what are you going to do today that can make a difference to your life right now?

I wanted to take my son to a music concert and I did yesterday, I wanted to take Henry to his first football match and we did on his first birthday, like my mum and dad did when me and my brother were kids, and is like a tradition and wanted to win the cup for the highest marks in dancing and I did. I wanted to do the Great North run and did, this helped boost my confidence to continue to charity runs and walks and inspired others because it helped my fitness my feelings with life and people when doing these events are so friendly and are complete strangers and they showed me what I was capable of. Set goals, continue doing positive habits and keep visualising and keep taking action.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X