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I like to begin with Thank you all for reading and liking my blogs on this site and my others, and it really helps me to see that my blogs are reaching out to you, and getting the message, that we are all worth a life filled with possibility. Even when I am having a bad day I still can have a positive mindset , and today travelling on a bus there were school girls just being disruptive, and felt “No I am not going to allow them to effect my journey”, and yes I was imagining myself saying negative things to them, but know better not too as why should I be driven in by their negative behaviour and if we learn to help our emotions and feelings, can still be a help to learn to grow even more to have a happier life.

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It is like building a forte and a wall around you, that you aren’t going to allow bad things happening around you to, allow the negative thoughts and listen to them, and addressing them.

Today I wrote a blog on my daily blog on google and want to link to this one, as it was that one that made me want to write thing blog. Check it out via this link: https://mydailythougthsandfeelings.blogspot.com/2022/10/mental-health-awareness-and-taking-to.html

Dealing with Mental health can be challenging, because with having psychosis, and it has taken a lot to say yes I have this, because of judgement by others. It can trigger negative thoughts, and lash out, but know this won’t fix the issue that is happening around me, like those girls on the bus, and wants you know how to control it and manage your mental health can help things like that effect your growth with mental health.

We all have the strength to build ourselves and have a life full of joy and happiness, never allow your Mental health stop you from doing the things that you love and helps you gain a sense of control and learning about your mind. Once you learn about your mind and what it says to you, the more you can get a hold of it and seek the right support, as I have needed that and go through what you instantly feel to someone who understands.

When I was in a Mental Health hospital last year, it made me learn more about it, and I think often we think we are going to loose your mind even more, and I know there hasn’t been good press for Mental Health hospitals, and I went down hill, because I was changed to a new medication and of a high dosage and couldn’t move and had to be aided when it came to having a shower and using the loo, and I had the shakes, but it was rectified. When my nurse, as you get your own, saw this she and instantly gave me a lower dosage and another medication to counteract with that other medication. I was in two hospital as the other needed the room for another patient, I was transferred but glad I did as the doctor there was brilliant and within 4 days I was back to myself and got back on my feet.

I came out of it and you have to be strong and for me it helps me get back to a good mind and shown me how strong I am and how others can be too, and so if you are struggling with your mental health never stay quiet and get help, as there is no miracle that can cure you unfortunately but get the right support you need, and honestly I will never allow it to build up ever again and neither should you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal.