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First of all thank you for those that have started following me on this blog, it really means a lot honestly.

There have been some changes happening here in the UK, and I bet you can guess why, because the Queen Elizabeth II has died and it been a real adjustment, but life does have to carry on and so in this blog I am talking about is Letting things go.

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First of all it is good to have sentimental things, because of the memories they hold, but if it just in a draw with other stuff then it is time to make a decision about it. If it a photo, a keyring or a stone, display it, don’t hide it. Put it somewhere safe and the one thing I have done is kept a memory box. I used a paper bag of items my son had as a baby and I love having photo albums. It is good to look back and reflect.

Do you need to keep copies of items? It depends what it is. How many photos that are the same worth keeping? It all depends on the value of them, personally. What memories are stored in the photo and does it give you joy or make you sad?

Does the photo or what ever it may be, mark an anniversary that means the world to you and does it reach your heart? Does it help you to keep in contact with those that have passed on, and help you to grieve? I bet the Queen found it hard to let things go, having such a history of Queens and Kings before her, and now King Charles III will be making those choices, I bet he dare move anything, because of the Royal Family’s history. I know they display the Queens dresses I think it was at the V&A and became part of her legacy.

So, it can be being ruthless and giving yourself tough love and be honest about the different areas of your life.

Have a maybe section and have a keep sake box. I have done this and used a folder to keep cards that meant a lot and when I got married, when my son was born. I used a paper bag to keep his teether Suzy and a birthday card. I keep my medals that I got doing fundraising events and runs and walks, and they really mark a change in my life where I was trying to raise money for charity and deal with my self confidence, and so rewarding and makes me feel proud of myself.

It can be a letters. I used to have penfriends and kept on the letters, not sure as to where these are now but I kept them in a shoe box and lost touch, but again create a keepsake box and I do often wonder if they did the same. When my nan passed away we found the letters my grandad wrote to my nan during the war and were so lovely that my mum I think still has them or my Uncle may have them, but marked a era and made us see how ever much my nan and grandad would disagree they deeply loved each other and marked the war, and thinking of these letters helps me to keep in touch of my grandparents.

So it is time for me to end the day, but lets keep doing the reset and have a fresh new start to our lives.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II and God Save our King.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal