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good habits for sucess

Hi everyone welcome to another blog.

In this blog I talk about Be Ruthless in achieving success.

You have to take on challenges and not shy away from them, but face them head on.

Example: My aim for this week was to reach 70 followers to this blog and I have, buy creating content for you all and help you towards success.

I have now managed to accomplish that, and I know that my blogs are being received as I want them to be.

It still requires organizing, prioritization and commitment, but when it comes to blog writing it is quality over quantity, and to help grow my blogs, it does mean blogging every day, and putting content out there that you can relate to and will help you.

Now there are many elements as I do have to look after my son during some days and committing time to all my blogs, please check my Blog Network for details, where I post all my blogs onto.


Set yourself time, that may mean working early morning whilst the rest of the household are sleeping, working weekends aswell as the evenings, but seeing that I have more followers now, has shown me that all that work is paying off and people like you are using my content to help you.

Don’t care what people think as there will always be those who criticize just have to let it go through one ear and out the other.

You have to make sacrifices aswell like like spending time outdoors, as lot of my work is done via the computer as with all my blogs I do like to research to gain ideas to create my content and share what is going on in my life.

I have ended my marriage which was long time coming as much as some may not want to hear that, but it is true. Why deny that?

Being thankful with the things that make you happy with life, I write in my gratitude journal everyday, and the other is Bullet journal writing lists.

Listening to empowering music, audio books and podcast.

I have doing some further training to help me towards a better and successful life.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X