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Welcome to day four and I filmed a video today clearing out one of my storage bins that sits on my bedside set of draws near to my bedside table, and so if you’d like to watch this, then click here https://youtu.be/ZBpYIFOUSZM

I will film another video tomorrow to clear out another storage bin which is placed under my desk at the moment and then I going to sort out my small wardrobe I have and see what can stay and what can go.

Managing life when there are many areas to clear up is the process of turning a corner. It felt good to sort out that bin today because it is another area I don’t have to stress about, and that is the main point. If it causing you stress get it sorted out as the stress is just going to build up even more.

Get inspired by others. That is what happened to me today when watching a Youtube video of someone giving tips of sorting out the stuff they have, called the Sunday Stylist and just now watched another video by Clutterbug, which has now made me want to sort out my wardrobe and clothes. I hope these blogs inspire you. It really is worth it.


I am going to put together, like I did for my Life coaching programmes, a printable together with tips and ideas in sorting out your life. I do also have EBooks on Amazon that may interest you under the names of Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes as I wanted to be original but then have stuck with my maiden name, Carrie Holmes as it is easier to remember.

It means going through your finances too, and do take notes of what I have spent each day is making a difference, and checking my bank account each day and and now being able to save again and be more vigilant. It so easy to spend money now when you just have to tap your card on a little machine and so really making sure I spend wisely and still looking for inspiration on looking after my finances still. I currently use a notebook which I use daily to write tasks down and for a lot of things, so would like a better system still. If you know of ideas then let me know.

I even had a Filofax to help me look after my money but this didn’t work for me at all. I will keep researching and need to update my budget which is one thing I do through out the year. I budget on everything, like buying clothes, food and yearly celebrations, such as birthdays and dare I say it, Christmas.

So lets keep on and see what else I can sorted out. I think I am going to do another chapter of my book I am working on and then a bit more motivation to help me continue for tomorrow., to get to grips of the areas that need to be dealt with and can get finished items done too.

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