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This blog has been influenced by the passing of the Queen because how huge it is when someone who did so much for the world dies and she meant so much to other people. When it comes to resetting, you have to prioritize family time, because time is precious and I have learned that by becoming a mum and yes it can be tiring as a mother, it is my life and I love being a mum.

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I want to create forever memories that he can keep, and time is short. I want to see my son enjoy school and have friends, and learn to forgive any issues with family members that may have upset you.

Living a more happier life, involves having good family around you and that supports you. I see friends as family and so love keeping in touch and spend time sending them a message or liking what they are sharing via social media. It is good to come off social media, because I think there are downsides to it, but I love it for keeping each touch with my family and wishing them a happy birthday, or what ever occasion they are sharing.

Spend time going with your children of family that have passed on, like I do with Henry. Yesterday we went on trip up central London to wish our condolences to the Queen and this will be something that our kids will be talking about, but as we travelled back by bus, went through family who lived near where we were travelling, and talking to my son about his relatives.

He won’t get to see all of our family as it is big, so it is good to talk to your kids about those who are still around and who have passed away. I want my son to know who my dad was, and so have a family reset and go through pictures and letters, and just make the time to be with family.

Time passes and once it has gone it won’t be there again so make time for family and why not play some old fashion games, like card games. The one thing I loved about my family was when we had a game of cards or dominoes.

Just never forget those who you love, and today I am going to help Henry write a message to King Charles III. When I was at school we were told to write a letter to Prince Williams, I went to St Paul’s Primary in Hammersmith and wished I had kept a copy but we didn’t have equipment back then to do so, and it is good to mark these occasions as we won’t many of us see a Queen again or a Jubilee so you have to take the time to restore that with your children, for when they grow up can tell their children, if they want children and their grandchildren one day..

This is the same when it comes to the ones you love. Create enough memories as possible, and never allow too much time as it could be too late. My grandad always gave my nan a kiss at nighttime because as you never know if you’ll wake up the next day.

Make time for a family day and I think the Royal Family have continued because they are very much joined and make the time for each member, and is something we should do the same. Make a meal that you can all enjoy, or reading time, and just be together even if it is once a week. This you could do a menu and make it fun, and have a tea party and write a gratitude journal and a happy journal to jot down memorable moments.

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