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It Sunday evening and I am in my bedroom and aswell as listening to a chat of Fearn Cotton and Sara Fox, and I have been challenging myself this month to sort out one area a day in my life, including my blogs and social media sites, and tomorrow I want to do each Monday a Reset, and do my laundry, Vacuum and change my bedding and have a really good morning reset to begin the week.

Photo by Viktoria Slowikowska on Pexels.com

Yet as soon as I think of it the energy in doing these tasks, puts me off. I know I will be like, “I’ll do it once I have had my first cup of tea”, “Oh let me just watch this Youtube video and I’ll get it done”, are you the same? Comment below.

I also need to call the doctors because I have a swollen eye due to Hayfever, and has been really sore, and only just remembered that, as I write this blog post. I know I can do a reset, but especially in the morning I am going to have to really push myself to get out of the bed to do anything. Yet last week before I had my first cuppa and breakfast did a sort out of my clothes. Seeing the result made it worth it. I know I am going to be nervous about calling the doctors, because it is so hard to get an appointment and means putting other stuff off, and I don’t like bothering my doctor. Its the mindset of “It’s only a swollen eye I am sure it will go”, but who knows.

I am guilty of putting things off, example I bought Henry, my son a new pair of shorts from Sainsbury’s but they are too small and so have to take them back, but I haven’t. However I have decided to keep them and donate them, and will get my son another pair. I have learned that if I don’t take them back they will still be good for someone else to wear and done my bit for charity. So I don’t feel that bad about them not being returned.

“You’ll find ways to get it done and still see results”

I am a one bit at a time person and hate rushing. I have to stop myself from jumping in with both feet, because I get overwhelmed. It means slowing down, but a moderate pace.

Do you do reset each week or perhaps everyday? Where to you begin?

For me it has to be in eye view, and of course I am not going to vacuum as soon as I wake up, which is usually around about 5am, as I know it wouldn’t be appreciated. So it will have to be a sociable hour around 8am, or is that too early? Anyway I will get up and start once I know I am not going to disturb anyone else and get it done.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X