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Well where do I begin. Yes what to do When you mess up?

I have messed up a lot, like when I was working for a Marketing company, my first full-time job and was an Office Junior, sent a load of books which had peoples names on them, didn’t see them and sent them to the wrong person. My heart sunk and then I was helping with Printing out sheets for a project and printed a load of them to the point the documents all over the place.

We all can mess up, and get things wrong but it is how to deal with it that will help you so continue to grow in your life, and remember “We are all human” we will get it wrong.

The powerful thing you can do is to admit it not run away.

The feelings you get when you mess up is gut wrenching and like “How do I deal with this and turn it around so I prevent it from happening again?” and make it right. For me it is “Can this be fixed?”

Yes it can. I analyse a lot and it drives me mad, as I have done some stupid things and yet I still kept a roof over my head and I have achieved things in my life. I would call myself a lot a nightmare, but really its reality. I find it hard to deal with.

I have questioned my life and why I keep messing up?

I think because I don’t often feel worthy and imposter syndrome and that there things I do still like to have in my life and scared of “What if I never get the chance?”.

Yet this is someone who has achieved a lot and even writing that, I hear the voice saying “Really, your not supposed to feel like that and that is being big headed”.

Do you ever feel this way?

It’s the voice of doubt and the one that can stop me in my tracks sometimes, but I have a way to deal with the inner critic, and is “Hear it, talk to it and push it away”.

We have all made a mess in our lives, and that it can be rectified. It’s believing in yourself and not be so harsh on yourself.

It can become draining, and so putting the gut wrenching feeling when you mess up, is to say “Ok I didn’t get it right this time, but I will and this is going to make me stronger” and it has.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X