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Hello, so if you don’t know what I am talking about then please read my last weeks blog about it Monday rest/will I get it done . I wanted to see if this was a good habit to get into and plan doing this as a weekly habit. This was talked about a lot on Youtube and wasn’t sure if I could do it. So I decided I would try it out.

Photo by PNW Production on Pexels.com

It helped set the day and a week on a high. So am going to do the same this Monday. I will be dusting my windowsill and fire place. Then I am going to vacuum and clear my rubbish. My laundry has all been done which never usually happened. I would put these jobs off.

It helped me to continue my monthly challenge for June, which was to sort one area of my life and both have helped me hand in hand, because it just helps with having the energy, and today as I write this blog Sunday Evening, I have done more today than I have done in a week.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t take a break. I did. I watched some of the Glastonbury Music Festival and feel ready to start a new week.

It is good to have structure and I live by having a routine. I need to set myself up and prep, with everything I do so I don’t lose momentum.

This is the key to getting more out of your day. I hate the word chore because it instantly puts me off. I like goal, because it is something I can build on. Something I can progress and sorting my life out is what keeps me afloat and awake.

Changing my habits from bad to good, is setting the tone of where I see myself. It gives me balance and is another key factor. If you have two bags of different weights this can be tricky to carry, but if they are at the same level then it is easier to carry.

So find balance in your life and build on your good habits and this will teach you, how to feel good and content, and feel that you’ve got more out of your days, rather than sitting int he same four walls all of the time.

I do write books that are about having a better wellbeing and how to get things done, on amazon, under the names Carrie Challoner and Carrie Holmes.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X