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Hello this another Life Coaching video as part of my Life Coaching programme, “2022 Project”, helping you to have a happier life and a year.

To get to grips with your life, it is good to be strong and guided. This time last year I was in a Mental Health hospital and wished I had known about these places as I would have checked myself in, as like many I found the lockdowns we had, was effecting my mental health, by not being able to go out and explore, and I love walking and visiting different places, but due to Lockdown I couldn’t.

  1. Develop your understanding of what is good in your life and why and what is not, and do you want to be good or the bad?
  2. Never Promise if you can’t deliver, because there is such a thing as false promises and when we don’t follow through we feel failure. Doing is better than promising.
  3. Develop a life that is personal to you. So now I am back walking again, long distances and as soon as I see people running, I feel I am not doing enough, yet walking is just as good and so don’t do things just because of other people but what will benefit you
  4. Get in touch with your spirituality. I have had a tough nine years where I allowed my mental health dictate my life and not getting in touch with myself and so began praying again, because, for me that helps and I listen to my soul and gut rather than my heart and mind
  5. Stop comparing. I should hold a reward for this because I am guilty as sin. I have learnt and I do what suits me and love myself, rather than looking at someone else and feel inadequate
  6. Creating different systems. This came from watching Mel Robbins Reset, check it out, and if you want to remember something like a pair of shoes for walking, I put them out so I can slip them on and go. Being a parent I would make sure I had items I could grab and go, as hate forgetting. Sorry what was that, I said, I don’t like forgetting, so leave items in full view so I know I will remember
  7. Create good patterns. I now make sure I set an alarm in the mornings, to make sure I have a good sleep pattern, as 4 hours sleep which I used to sleep for, did me no good and so I now go to bed between 8 and 9pm and wake up by 8:30am. I don’t have lunch until I go over to my son’s house to wait for him to return from school and stops me snacking and I love reading my book whilst travelling, as i learn a lot this way
  8. Give back what others have given you. I do this by thanking the bus driver for taking me safely to my last stop, I will buy nice cards and presents for family and what I do need to do is remember to write thank you cards, as I always forget and so will make an effort to do this, and feeling bad from not doing so.
  9. Get rid of anger by making changes in your life. Example hating your job, and feel you don’t connect with the people you work with. Look for a new place to work that has a better atmosphere. I had jobs like this, when working for a computer company, and there was a lot of back stabbing and felt so uncomfortable so I left, and followed my dream to work at a Holiday camp and finally got the chance, to leave my old life in London and Surrey for the south coast and was a brilliant experience.
  10. Make yourself be heard, Staying silent never helps and so set boundaries, making it clear of what they are. and stand your ground. This is not contradicting number 9, as you can do this to prevent anger, but just sitting and talking to people and teach others to do the same. Sitting having a conversation about what upsets us, rather than a shouting match.

It is all about keeping your head held high and to realise your value, and that you have a part to play in this world just like everyone else.

I have filmed for my Youtube channel: Typical London Gal, of some Life Coaching videos so go and check these out, this too and creating a board on Pinterest too: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/thetypicalLondongal/2022-project-life-coaching-tools-and-information/

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X