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Each year we change the way we feel depending on the weather and this influences how we eat, sleep and wake up.

I am at the moment listening to Mel Robbins and she is talking about visualisation, and this can help us through the year, by picturing what we want to achieve through the seasons and I like to ask you, do you want to feel stressed? Sad? Fatigued?

Not me! I want to still do my walking and building my steps.

I still want to take my son to different places

I want to make the most of each season, and this is how, by getting rid of the negative thoughts that can surround me example, when it starts to get dark earlier, not having many summer days in the summer, we can’t that, because you can’t change the weather, but we can control how we feel about it, by planning holiday’s to places where it is hot all year round, invest in clothes that can be worn in all seasons, check out my site: https://carriesversitilefashion.wordpress.com

I want to make my birthday be rememberable again, rather than doing nothing because of different things that happened in the past, around my birthday that brings me down, and treat it as a normal day and I didn’t even want to acknowledge it at all.

I went to enjoy myself on my birthday and actually celebrate it. I want a birthday cake and a meal of my choice. I want to post a blog and a picture on Instagram. I no longer want to waste time, and actually use it to lift me up and not down.

We feel down because it has become a habit that I have followed and so feels hard to break the pattern of our thoughts, but it is possible.

When we feel down about certain times of the year, it can be all we are focused on. You can change that by introducing a change of habit. So if you find it hard to get up when it is dark for example, is to create a cozy atmosphere, like drawing the curtains, with a blanket round you, drinking a hot chocolate and watching a film with your family, if you usually just have dinner then go to bed, waking up to feel like it is groundhog day.

I want to change my portfolio, and get rid of more negativity and not feeling the slump I can feel when it begins to get cold outdoors. I now love to wrap myself up and enjoy the crispy mornings and days.

It can only happen if you want to change how you feel when if you don’t like it when it gets too hot. I like summer but I find not heatwaves, because I find it uncomfortable, yet I would love for a overall suntan and when I went on holiday as a kid, a lot of people would ask, “Have you been sitting in the shade?” and I’d be like “No I been in the sun all day”, with sunscreen and it used to bother me when I didn’t tan, yet see others who tanned within two days, and I envied that.

So now I will sit in the sun, but get old earlier morning when it is less hot, perhaps I need a lower factor and give myself a time limit on how long I sit in the sun each time. Perhaps I should invest in more shorts and spend more time in the garden, and visit the English coast more.

I want to go abroad and take my son, but he is not good in hot climates and again rather getting out in the afternoon, when the heat increases, get up early and sit in as the sun come up. So perhaps have freezing cold water for him and lighter clothes.

If you have anxiety when going out in different weathers because of bad experiences, like I for ages as a kid stopped going into the sea as once as a kid at a holiday camp where they had a beach and I tripped in the water and could get myself back up, and I panicked, yet some guy rescued me, but for afterwards would stay clear and also I didn’t like seaweed and would put me off in going into the sea.

Yet now I love it and being near the sea keeps my calm, and that is because I changed the way I felt about beaches and water. That is what you need to do.

Live more and worry less.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X