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Are you worried about rushing into things, like taking a promotion at work?

You’d like to go for it but something is holding you back.

Evaluate and write down the fears and take time to go through your worries and concerns, and what would help you overcome these fears you are having.

  • You may be thinking would I have to do extra hours?
  • Would I be able to earn more money?
  • Would it require working on different days unlike what I do now?
  • Would I cope with the promotion and am I capable of leading a team?
  • Perhaps you want to write a book, but you feel you are incapable and that you feel you can’t compete with other writers.

Use these fears to push yourself into gear and be in the mindset that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

Life is full of chances to change your life, for example I have unknown to me got more followers on Pinterest and it meant adding more content to the pins that I have worked on and its building and building yourself that you need to focus on. Facing your fears of what is stopping you,


Just start by writing and answering the above questions.

  • Begin to picture yourself writing the book or taking the promotion you really want to go for, and write one thing that would push you forward.
  • If you want to write a book, start by jotting down notes and your ideas. Imagine yourself writing the book, picture the scene of the book, like you would when watching a movie.
  • Start building and putting together the reason why you want to go for the promotion or write a book how will it improve you life?
  • Perhaps you feel you can’t write a book because you don’t read books, then there is no time like the present to begin reading books. It really helps when putting your own book together, and finding the style that works for you.

If you get a promotion and your worried that the relationship with your colleagues are gonna change towards you, then,

  • sit them down and have a meeting about it, even if it is one to one
  • tell them your plans in what things you want to help your colleagues with,
  • how the relationship with them will grow so there are no barriers between you and them.

Who around you inspires you?

  • It could be a friend
  • a family member or
  • someone you see on the TV,
  • what they bring to the table that you like
  • how can you implement their way of being into your own.

You can be inspired by other people, without feeling jealousy and begrudging. I want to see people do well, and if you support them they will do the same. It may take time but if you know what it is you want in life and know how this person makes you feel, then follow their path, not copy, but what things they teach you that you can add to your life for you to be just a successful.

I feel inspired listening to Celine Dion, and love her music and she went through a transition where she learned to speak English, had teeth surgery and altered her image, because Rene who was her manager and then became her husband, knew that for her to be in music and not be mocked by the press she would need changes that will help her grow as an artist and now sells billion records all over the world.

I have now changed my habits and implemented new ones:

  • I always make sure I have breakfast
  • Go walking and playing football and walks with my son
  • I read books whilst travelling to and from my sons home
  • Have night off on Saturdays and being away from my phone
  • Spend time doing colouring
  • Sunday is my training day where I will watch training videos on Youtube like Sara Cannon and Natalia Leigh who do videos about their life as self published authors
  • Keep tabs on my finances and making sure any bills due are paid and save as much as possible

It all adds to push yourself confidence and perhaps you feel you need more education to go for the promotion, and speak your superior as I did this working for an entertainments company where I would book tickets for people wanting to go to visit theme parks and I was struggling to remember the details I need to check to book tickets and so I spoke to my coach who gave me further training.

If you don’t ask you don’t get.

And be your own teacher to build your knowledge and make a time or day to do some self training if you knowledge is not up to scratch and will help push you forward to going for that promotion and never feel you can’t compete, because YES YOU CAN!

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X