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When life is full it can feel like a massive weight on your shoulder and it becomes overbearing. We can get lost in tones of to do’s and not achieving anything, and bogged down.

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So this blog is all about, How to spend time to look after yourself and get rid of the stress and anxiousness.

  1. Spent more time looking after you, rather than other people. Self care is a must, and this can be whatever you want. I when wanting to be quiet do colouring in and you can get colouring books which helps with mindfulness and a great way to just be on your own and putting yourself first
  2. Spend sometime putting together some family time, where you all sit down and chat. I often will spend time with my son, talking and watching the planes go over and will make a must that I check with my son how he is and if he has had a good day at school. He often doesn’t share that much, but when not prompted he will tell me. Chatting with your family can really be a good way to talk about any worries you and they may have, and send a message and arrange a time to sit and meet with family
  3. If you are contacted by someone you don’t want to see, but you feel that you should, take time to have space and like above chat with them about it. If they don’t want to listen then you can decide if they are good in your life or aren’t
  4. Keep a notebook where you can practice Affirmations. This has helped me a lot, because looking back I have been so hard on myself and felt like it is me against the world, but not the case, its all about what you can bring to the table and remember that you were born into this world so you are part of it. Again if there is something that triggers bad thoughts argue with it by practicing Affirmations
  5. Give yourself some time explore. This morning as I write this blog, my son and I went for a walk and got rid of my fatigue and had a good amount of energy and so now we are going to do this each weekend. I also make space to work and explore in the week too. It doesn’t have to be fast but taking time to be with your own mind and really gets rid of cobwebs

Life is about building your life for happier times and doesn’t have to be done all in one go, but taking your time and listen to your mind and body, and you soon know what changes in your life needing to change, like taking your time to have a better mindset and time.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X