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Hello and this blog is to say Thank you once again for your support whilst I complete this monthly challenge and gonna do this each month. I really love these challenges and it’s really been a mindful challenge. I see how many blogs I can do and it keeps me on my toes to write more and have my blogs be as good as the last one.

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Here are 6 ways on how you can challenge yourself too:

  1. Learning to drive. This I have tried but failed as I was not mentally ready to learn but did cause I thought I should. I am on medication for my Mental Health so can’t do this challenge, but wanted to make this the first because if you want to learn why not have a lesson each day if possible or a few days per week and challenge yourself 30 week challenge instead
  2. Read a book in a day, week or each month. I really would like this to be one, and do this challenge for the month as I love to read and see if I can do complete it. Great way to visit charity shops, the library or kindle and see how many you can read each week or month
  3. Take a photo of different things for 30 days and share on instagram or twitter. This is one that is in the Mrs Hinch Activity journal and again one I would like to eventually do myself
  4. Exercise for 30 days. You can ask your friends to join and go on walks or runs together and good for getting family involved too. Or go to the gym now they will be back open or if there is an outdoor gym near you and take advantage and see how it helps the mind and the body.
  5. Write in a journal for 30 days and reflect on each day of how it was. Journal writing is great to clear your minds and get rid off those cobwebs when doing so
  6. Do a bit of gardening each day for 30 days. Sorting out the garden many find theruptic and if you have kids this can be a good one too

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X