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Hello! This blog has been prewritten for Sunday, as I don’t post any live blogs on this day, and in this blog I am talking about Taking time out to practice kindness that can be so rewarding and empowering, and it is a simple as holding the door for someone, or dedicating a blog post to someone and I want to praise people like Lenny Henry who with Bob Geldoff came up with Comic Relief and raising money for kids in Africa and then in the UK.

70 Simple Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Every Day -

We do need to protect and building up the next generation and I am concisous of myself of how sometimes I have taken other people for granted that now I have grown and realised no that’s not me.

I do common courtesy and it has been enbedded for me so I do like I drink water, and supporting those that have fallen then built their lives up that has inspired me like Tony Robbins and Rod Stewart with his music.

No one likes a door shut in their faces and that does happen but that teaches you how not to be.

Sending a card every month to a relative or friend to check in on them and now social distancing is being removed slightly we will be able to visit our friends and relatives on their own.

Organize a gathering and do the Tea and Cake afternoons with Murie Curie Cancer or Dementia and if it is birthday and sunny why to arrange a BBQ for those friends you haven’t seen for ages to raise money for charity.

Visit a Charity shop as I love doing this as it is amazing on what you can find. Buy books for someone for their birthday and arrange a book club to raise money for good causes.

Anything that helps those in greater need than ourselves. Do a Fundraising walk or run and have celebration of a small gathering to reward yourself. It is all empowering and can make such a difference.

Create a project like I have done this year, doing my Project 2021 which I turned into an online course:


Helping people have a better life and better year and have also creating free printables to help put together your own happiness journal:

Free Printables

Many thanks,

Carrie X