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Hello and welcome to blog 11 and I have talking about the what we can learn from Euros and becoming the best in the world.

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Well first off what is your niche? Who are you? When you think about your life as it is how would you rate it from 1 being awful, 10 being the happiest you have ever been.

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So what can we learn:

  1. Never give up. Life is full of paths ones we take without thinking and ones we often can question.
  2. If you had a points table how would you score yourself. Is there anything peronally you want to work on and build
  3. Be fully charged. Find items that gives you maximum energy and happiness. Footballers don’t just go out and play football but have daily habits that they do before a match. So a ritual can help to prepare for the day and any challenges that come your way

Becoming the best in the world:

  1. Take on the challenges and look at the competition and research things that noone else ever mentions and have good system that helps build yourself to be best at what you truly love to do, not just on the day but will help accomplish goals for the year
  2. Write down the fears you have and address each one and how you can overcome them
  3. Be your own judge and reflect on each task you do and is it something you enjoy or something you feel you have to do?
  4. Focus your mind on the ultimate reward. So rehearse in your mind of the receiving the car you want or the home you want
  5. Log each achievement done and again rehearse completing them and that is each step you take too

We all want that break where at last you get noticed for your what you do and thank you for following me and liking blogs it really means the world to me.

Many thanks,

Carrie X