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Hello and welcome! In this blog post I am talking about Personal Development and have a strategy to your life.

So what is Personal Development?

Well it is anything to self care to self help and getting a balanced life that can lower the stress and create more abundance and power to your life.

It has taken me years to get to know myself and often I didn’t like being me. I had to get over that as I didn’t want to pass these insecurities to the my son or too any other children I have looked after since a kid myself.

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I never want my son to not like himself and be proud of who he is and that means seeing the good things about me and I now practice Affirmations that are important to me and how to feel good about myself.

I am not saying this works for all but it can help.

So get a notebook and write down quotes that tell you about you, and imagine yourself looking at you and find quotes to write down that can tell you about yourself, and I put down “I am worth more” or “I am own teacher so be kind to myself”.

I myself will look in the mirror of myself and say things lik “Thats not me not the girl I see in my head” so I wil argue “What is really wrong, does matter if I am different so be it”. I have learned that it is good to be different. The world doesn’t need 15 people all being the same so why should we try? I seen that everyone is unique and we all capable building our life out to then teach others, and that is always what I think about when I feel insecure now.

I think of the implacations it can have and so I have a Strategy now where by I will go through to acknowledge it and then push them away.

A Strategy is where you have way of gaining control over how you feel about yourself when it comes to personal development and make a promise to yourself and give yourself some care and time to learn about life and on yourself.

Its all about be in charge of your thoughts and fears so they don’t take over.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X