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How to Overcome the 9 Most Common Obstacles That Prevent People From Living  Their Dreams | Inc.com

Hello! It is Friday and Day 8 of my 30 day blog challenge where I will post a blog a day for 30 days on this site.

In this blog post I am writing about Building a career and developing your life, and there are some real simple ways for doing this.

  1. To set standards for yourself. Listen to critics and use it to help you be stronger and use it to build not knock you down
  2. If you can find a good mentor to help you work towards a career. I am currently working with a Career Specialised to help me find work in an industry that I have been officially wanting to work in and is a great way to help you towards a job you have always wanted
  3. If you are working in a industry that you don’t feel happy about anymore. This means time for a change. Update your life by following your dreams and aspirations and if it means doing some courses towards it then do so and get in touch with mental health specialists who can help get your life back on track
  4. Develop a team to help you. My Social worker has been the one who has introduced me to a career specialised as mentioned above and so feel that I have once again a good team of people helping me and with working in Mental health being in a hospital is going to teach me a whole lot more.
  5. Work through challenges but never use them to hold you back. As with standards set yourself personal goals and targets and believe in yourself. As soon as you here self criticism acknowlege and then go through it but then write dowm the pros to make those challenges be addressed and then worked towards the biggest goals you have set.

It is all about keeping life Simple but full of more good things and meeting new people and forever expanding yourself.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X