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Hello and welcome! Thank you for the follows and the likes of my blog it really means the world to me. In this post I am talking about The Power of the mind/Looking after your wellbeing.

All our minds are our own and taking charge of your mind is the key to unlocking the endphorines that come with The Power of the mind.

What do I mean?

Well, it is controlling the inner critic and having the positive critic heard more than the one that says “No work today lets sit around all day”, then you feel “I’ve wasted the day and now I feel like I have accomplished nothing”.

Does this sound familiar?

So listen to the inner critic and ask it “If I listen to you how will I feel if I don’t wash my car or take a shower that day?”

Am I gonna feel good, bored or frustrated by the fact the car is still dirty and I feel clammy?

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When I was getting up and then going back to bed for an extra snooze I would wake up about 12 and then feel I had lost part of the day, yet now I wake up early and start writing blogs, creating books and other tasks I have, I now feel I have more energy to work on, and then everything else fits into the day too.

Our minds work like a train station, where we start at one platform and place and then once we have completed those tasks and routine of our morning move to the next platform and station. We run by blood, water and bone, and when we run out of steam we can delay our work and proscrinate. We can avoid tasks as we see them as a huge problem and a burden and feel pressure because if we don’t it delays the other tasks we want to do.

Take your time with tasks and block them in the day and the more challenging the task reward yourself so next time we do something we have to do but don’t like we have an incentive to complete it to then move to the next station and do the things we love again.

The more difficult the task the bigger the reward.

It helps to look after yourself and stop neglecting your wellness because we need to let people hop on so we can then move for the second party of the journey and reach the final destination.

I talk about goal setting a lot and when we give ourselves too much to do it can make us more pressured and ends up delaying part of our jobs to move onto the next stop.

When you give yourself just 5 things perlist it eases the pressure and furthers our wellbeing. We aren’t robots but humans and so we need to for our wellness by kinder to ourselves, check out this video where I share the ways in which I do will be doing that: How should we be kinder to ourselves. It is important we give ourselves slack, as we aren’t made to multi-task but me focussed on one thing at a time.

Our minds can get clogged up and so anything you can jot down to schedule do so and then go through the wants to the haves and then circle a few and the less to do’s the more goals we can set.

Look after yourself and give yourself some credit rather than piling on the amount of things to do and enjoy life more.

We aren’t put on this planet to work ourselves to the bone but with balance and stability we can do more by giving ourselves less.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X