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Hello! As I sit here listening to music and listening to One Moment in time, it makes me feel so grateful for music like this is how it makes my day everyday and I now have a notebook where I practice Affirmations, and it does feel good in doing that.

For me it is like writing a message to myself and that is exactly what it is.

I do have to kinder to myself it is important to have that relationship with myself; part of growing up is to accept myself. I have fallen out with myself a lot and been my own worst enemy.

It can be whatever message you want to tell yourself each day like one of mine is, I will make each day count, so it gives me a reason to pop out and walk to listen to my body more and be caring with myself.

I have created some more printable for you to download and print off in your Happy Journal or as a guide to use your own.

When you write a affirmation keep them growing and if it helps write Keywords that stand out. Circle them and place them in a place you will always see them.

Change and Tweek them if you want to make new ones and helps me to continue to grow and make more for myself aswell as supporting other people.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X