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Hello, so if you haven’t seen my new Tea and Biscuits Sunday Afternoon post, which was done yesterday then checkout this link: Tea and Biscuits Afternoon Post Talking about choosing a song a day and tweeting it.

So Looking ahead of this week I am hoping that I have space to film a haul video and a try on again as I have a lot of items to show and do enjoy making these videos. I put these videos up on my site: https://carrieshomestyleandfashion.wordpress.com. I never knew where my blogs would lead to when I first began writing them, but am astounded by the response I have had, and so if you are regular reading of my blogposts then Thank you. Your #views mean the world to me.

I am going to do a Shopping ideas post today on my homestyle blog site, and I did a shop in Sainsbury’s and I do love shopping in there and I filmed a grocery haul and so that will be put up on that site too, along with some Life Coaching videos to help you to have a better year and life. Check out my New Life Coaching Programme: Project 2021

Looking ahead can be like “Oh God, am I going to get through the week unscared” and I think we are all waiting for this Lockdown to shift and be able to socialise again and go for a pub meal, and shop for retail therapy. It can lead us in a rut, which we fear we can’t get out of. I keep myself busy as much as I can so those fears don’t rise to the surface. There will be loads of people begging to see people again and go out of the evening.

Us humans feed off of other people and so it is important to us to stay in contact with those that we love and have something to look forward to. So what I have done is introduced some new habits, see blog I wrote and spoke about habits. I have added two new ones since that video, where I am going to add a song a day to twitter that has played a part in my life: Carries Blog Network

Sleep Disorders and Problems - HelpGuide.org

I am also using my Poundland filofax to write a wish or wishes each day in. I would encourage you all to do that and if you haven’t already create a vision board, you can do this by putting this on your wall or like I have created one on Pinterest. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/carriesblognetwork/my-vision-and-goals-for-2021/

I have bought a new Journal from Amazon and it is an Activity Journal book by Mrs Hinch and have begun to use it and so have been filling in this journal bit by bit and I really like and going to do a full review on it soon. I filmed some more Day In a Life videos over the weekend and will film more tomorrow and Wednesday as Monday’s and Thursday’s I don’t film these. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0AyektQNGDEM-Z5IDnhCGjkc25OIC09l

So this blog post is going to be a regular weekly post and it will be about many things and just create new things into your life that will bring you meaning and more abundance.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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