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Now I know if you see the heading you may think I am going to hit you over the head with the Bible and may be uncomfortable able spirituality and certain beliefs. That is fine, I am not saying this is for everyone, but those that do and how it can help them to have more empowerment in their life if they aren’t able to get it from another source.

Spiritualiy is personal and a feeling within yourself and some cut it off knowing it is there and some use it help them drive them forward, and for me it has.

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How as it helped me in my life?

Well it made me see that some of the things I asked for, for people to see the goodness in me and that even though I know I am not perfect that I am real and a young kid who has had super ambition, has happened. That I do have an inner strength, which helped me through last year when life was terrible in parts.

It could be mocked a lot, but with prayer and learning from parts of the Bible as I don’t believe in all of it, has helped me as a person and seen what my purpose is that I often used to question and has guided me this far.

I don’t read the Bible everyday and in fact it has been a very long time since I did, and have used other books to help me find my way, but I know it is there if I do want to read it.

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I no longer want to be part of the Church of England and be a Catholic as the church of England misrepresent it, and feel strongly that Catholic church is for me, and fits well.

I didn’t at one time because of its belief of Abortion, but that is not true.

Do I think people are wrong in having no spiritual beliefs?

No! It is up to you and you make the choice and that is fine. Not everyone was put on this planet to believe in it, and so, it is a personal preference.

I like to pray sometimes and talk to God but I do it privately away from other people, but share it to those who are interested.

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It has been through spirituality that I have maintained my belief in true love and connection. I have that now and one part of my life that is going in the right direction, aswell as my writing. It has made me see I am a maker of many things, and can accomplish whatever I want by shear determination that I didn’t at one time felt I had.

You are the founder of your own earth, and that means you are in charge of your life and choices, but if you did need a bit of direction then praying or just sitting quietly asking for help, can help and has helped me.

I no there are those who use religion to hurt people and can use it be evil and even though it says there is no hell or devil, I see it is that those who do that, are the devil not someone necessarily with horns and is based in the hole in the earth. I think that is why I am not overly religious as I see that as a danger zone being that those who do harm people because of they’re super religious give others who don’t a bad name and reputer.

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I used to make spiritual goals, but I feel that I have reached them and don’t have any others at the moment but are good to set and can help with self development and personal growth.

One thing this Pandemic has done is shown the kindness of so many people and what you can do still even with Lockdown and Social Distancing how you can still reach out to people.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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