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Hello, it is Christmas Eve and wanted to get in another post on this site before Christmas day. I am somewhat prepared for the festive day of cheer. Still got my gifts to wrap up, but I am in the mindset this year of, it will get done, I just want to do it when I know I have one day left, or I may wrap a few today, but have decided to be more laid back about it this year.

At the end of the day will I be remembered for my gift wrapping?

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You’ll never see on someone’s grave saying “She was a great person and knew just how to wrap gifts for Christmas”, it is something that we feel abliged to do, yet all that happens is that they will rip the gift wrap off, as with children especially, and just want to know what is in side the packaging, not what is on the outside.

I saw in I think it was in a Paul McKenna’s books, as he has written so many and asked “How would you like to be remembered?”. For me I want people to say I was loyal, kind heartened, once she was fan of something she was a fan for life and no matter what hurdles I had to face, in my life I was determind and never gave up, and faught back.

If you could write a letter to your younger self what would you say?

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I have written a letter to my 16 year old self in the document linked below:

This is something that you should do often and compare letters to keep track of your life and remember that young girl who had a whole life ahead of you, as you still do.

It can make you take note of what you have achieved at that there were good times and if there is anything you would have changed.

For myself stop believing in Omens, because I moved to Epsom and thought seeing a cat that looked like my cat called Toby was an Omen to say to live there, yet I wish I hadn’t and believe in my gut instinct and live in London again.

Not to have left Butlins as I wanted to be a Red Coat and did often apply but then left in 2005 when I accepted that, that would never happen.

Do I believe that everything happens for a reason?

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Not really I just think there are many paths that you take and you don’t have no idea of which path will lead to where but you get lead by hungar to have new chapters in your life, to be closer to people that are important to you, and as written in one of my other blogsites, relationships can change and you then can divert towards another route because it seems to be better than the other paths you’ve taken.


I think that you are influenced often by those that seem to be on your side, but like in the Film about the band Queen, Bohemium Rhapsody, where he trusts this guy who is in love with Freddy Mercury only to find he was a bad apple and was in on for himself.

These kind of people can cause you to have your guard up and become very weary of people. This year I have experienced this a lot, and I have broken my heart a lot through this year, that I can never get back but it has made me see who my real family and friends are.

Do I believe in new beginnings?

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Yes I do, and that it never to late to start a new beginning. I never what to live in misery and that those that try to destroy you are just doing it, because they really are the ones that are very insecure. They just want to hit out at the closest person, and use everything against you.

Everyone has the right as we share this world we live in and so we should make room for other people who want happiness too.

If you are unhappy in a situation then it means you need to make a change to destroy that elephant in the room. Noone I believe wants to be unhappy I think we all strive to be happy, but some go the wrong way about it.

They believe if they hurt someone it will make them feel better and being horrible means that you are strong and noone can compete with you.

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Yet as soon as you are horrible back they runaway like a little mouse.

So write down how you would like to be remembered for and what you would say to your younger self, that will help as you begin to continue with achieving success and happiness in your life, and remember goals can be set at anytime not just when we are in a new year.

Have a Merry Christmas and A Wonderful new year, but I will be posting more as we close this year down.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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