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Hello, hello, hello. So we are now in November and soon we will be in the famous month December.

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A new year for me is a new beginning and want this time round to be a fresh start, as this year 2020, has been the hardest one I have had to face since being alive and I want it to have a happy ending and be ready for another new year ahead.

If you have seen my last two posts about setting myself new goals and establishing them, you will see that I have cut them down this year, and if you have followed me for a while on this site, I like to make Life changes rather than resolutions.

For the last 5 years I have really had to battle with my mental health and deal with people who haven’t been nice to me at all, and I have discovered who my real friends are and who my real family are.

This year I am not going to do a whole list of things, as it isn’t about quantity its about quality and what I truly want to achieve and add into my life.

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I have already planned my books I am going to concentrate and write for next year to be published and I hope to expand my blog sites even more and focus sometime building up my Youtube channel again.

I have battled a lot again with my self confidence as it did get knocked quite a lot this year, but will do more exercises and journalling to help rebuild it.

For me it has always been a working progress. I need to give myself more credit and not feel like I have to answer for myself when I do.

I have met a new man in my life who loves me out of this world, and I can’t wait to start a new life with him.

I have had to build a new foundation for myself, but feel that good things will come my way, I just need to keep going, have time for myself too, but not allow anyone to dictate my life.

I like having people look out for me and take me under their wing, but not too the point where I need to ask permission to go to the toilet and it be wrong.

So I am going to keep going and add more blogs leading up to Christmas and another new year, and pray that this time round it is a brilliant start to my life and end of another chapter.

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If you need help with setting goals then please check out my free printable sheet to help build your goals.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X