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So if you didn’t know I also write a parenting blog, well two in fact which are:



Well tonight once again Henry my son decided to play up and not go to bed, and sometimes as with life some unplanned events can happen which often we see is beyond our control.

That’s why sometimes it is good just to Take 5. What I mean is taking 5 minutes or so just to take a step back and breath.

This can happen when being responsible for anything in our lives, including running a business.

So what do you do?

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In the end I thought go out of the room, let him play about whilst I gather myself together, got some bits I needed downstairs and bought it upstairs and took a shower, and I have to say I felt a whole lot better.

When I looked in on him afterwards he was fine again and settled in bed.

We all need sometime to just breath and take some time for ourselves to recuperate, we are living machines that constantly thinking, doing and acting, and when children don’t settle or someone is sick or some money didn’t go in as expected it can really be like “For God sake let me have a break”, so if things like Lockdown is getting under your skin take 5 and you will feel a whole lot better.

Lockdown was beyond our control and if you are having to work from home and look after children it can take its toll and you can be the one who feels like screaming.

I am sure there are parents who wish to do a runner rather than your kids during lockdown, as we look for endless things to do, which is still limited at the moment.

So if you need to take 5 do it because its the only way we can stop ourselves from going insane.

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Stay safe and many thanks for reading.

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Carrie X