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Today we remember a great man. The world needs more people like ...

Hello and welcome to another blogpost. In this post I am writing about the great men of today.

The first person who springs to mind is Tony Robbins, who has inspired and touched people’s lives like you wouldn’t believe and who I found just by browsing the internet, literally and looking for an answer to my questions about my life.

He breaks it down for you and makes you see that if you change the pattern you currently live in you can reshape your life to be better than what it is.

Then there is people such as Russell Brand who have had some dark times but has come out the other side to help people with their wellbeing and mindset.

As a kid the one person I loved for years, was Glenn Hoddle he was my pin up after my obsession with Tony Stamp played by Graham Cole, in the UK series The Bill, had laid to rest and I was a super fan of his and even bought a Spurs CD just so I called have Glen Hoddle and Chris Waddle song Diamond lights.

As far as I am concerned it was Glenn Hoddle who first started to change Chelsea Football club’s future and contributed to being the club they are today, being one of the top 5 clubs in England.

Some may disagree but for me he was the one who bought over another great man Ruud Gullit, who went onto manage the club and then bought in Vialli and Zola. We even had players such as Mark Hughes playing for us, and the rest as they say is history.

Then there is Mourinho “The Special One” who became our manager twice, the first time with him we won the Premiership, but the second time we didn’t do so well.

Of course we have to mention Sir Alex Ferguson who has left a legacy in football aswell at Manchester United like no other man, and one title after title and trophy after trophy and no one has matched up with him yet.

The season that he did first win the premiership was going to be his last if he didn’t win anything, but carried on to win a whole lot more.

There are some great men that have changed the world for the better and become a success over sheer determination and drive.

Then there are men that make you keep faith and love and laughter and that is Lee Mack, who real name is Lee McKillop.

I am sure there will be a whole lot more in the future to come.

So lets raise our glasses for these heroic men and praise what they do as father, brothers, uncles and even grandparents and men of the world and society.

Please stay safe and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X