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So I did a book review on this concept this comes from on my website,


If you haven’t heard of Mel Robbins, then it is about time you did, because her philosophy and concept on the 5 Second Rule is brilliant.

Basically you can use it when you feel anxious which I often do, and for when you want to procrastinate, but you know you have to get on with something, and she talks in great details about that, that it is okay to procrastinate sometimes as there are different types, but to make your life more productive.

You can use it for when you keep hitting that snooze button, it is just is brilliant, and really does work.

I find I am without thinking now, getting more stuff done.

So if you not checked out the 5 Second Rule, it’s worth checking it out.

Life is about succeeding into what ever it is you want to achieve, with a little help along the way, and I believe this will help you.

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