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So for a few nights I couldn’t sleep because of self sabotage I was feeling stuck in a rut and finding the challenges I have been facing tough. I am on medication for my anxiety and I find life a struggle on some days.

The thing about anxiety, depression and worry it can happen at any time.

This why goal setting is so important and is one Life long lessons. I found getting out of bed hard today so I got up had some breakfast, had a shower and then was about to get back into bed and counted 5,4,3,2, 1 and got up.

So one goal could be as a Personal one, creating new daily habits, introduce the Mel Robbins, which I talk a lot about and even wrote about it in a blog post and a book review: 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

One ritual and habit I do is to get up make the bed, less chance of me getting back into it and go straight in the shower or put day clothes on straight away.

So why do we self sabotage?

Because the mornings being dark and at night, can be the fact that the goals your setting as mentioned in my previous blog Goal Setting 2020 are too much of a high expectation and we haven’t broken them down.

Also can be because we haven’t asked the right questions, I am writing an EBook  at the moment about this very subject because we can experience these feelings every day and is holding us back.

If you want to make a change you have to begin as soon as, doesn’t to be in the new year.

So set those goals and habits and keep going.

Self sabotage can lead to scrutinization which I talk about my latest Youtube video:

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