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First of all welcome to those who are new to my blog Everyone can build a castle, and to new followers of my blog, and thank you for your likes, and really helps me in what topics you like me talking about.

If you didn’t know I also write books, and my newest one is about a Mother and a daughter who live together and is a love hate relationship, but there is one person who unites them, a lady called Gloria, who is a beautician and head of Elizabeth (the daughter) son’s school, PTFA and Elizabeth takes part in a virtue bake off, and because it is a pandemic they have to have meetings using Zoom and emailing and texting. This blog is about trips and falls, which in this book happens. Its available on Amazon and is called Mum&Me and I write other books too under the names Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes and Carrie Holmes. See link to my new book:


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Last Monday coming home I got of the bus and it being dark, crossed the road I tripped and cut my hand, knee and hurt my back and I was shaken up, and didn’t do much walking or did my run I started to do this year, because of it.

We are all gonna have trips and falls, it’s part of life, and it is how we react afterwards that can help us get over them.

I had to gather my confidence and brush myself off. And because of this fall I have been going to bed early to try and allow my body to recover and feel ready to continue on and so next week I will be exercising indoors, do some walking and go for a run. I do write a blog where I talk about exercise, that I also write on WordPress, check it out via this link: https://sportsandfitnesspassion.wordpress.com

Its not all about falling over though, it can be your car broke down and now having to travel using public transport, or the trains having delays and make us feel that it is not going to be good day. It can make use want to stay indoors and hide away.

This for me means I get into a what I call “Dead end mindset” so makes me more unhappy, but I have to get up, I have a son and he needs to be met. It can hard with kids because like my son, he wants my attention all of the time, and so I have to get up and get on.

This doesn’t mean you have to forget yourself, it means you have to take more care of yourself to help your kids grow and be there for others. If you are a carer, this can be demanding, and we forget ourselves, but when we fall over we realise we need to care for us, aswell as others. We need a cup of tea and coffee, a shower or a bath, and do some reading to switch off, and so listen to when you trip or fall to realise you are just as important aswell as the people you care about.

We grow from our trips and falls, not saying you can’t be careful and not trip again, but if I cross that bit of road to the pavement to take more care in making sure I don’t trip and fall there again.

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